Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 189 - My Lord Doesn’t Know How to Swim

“Gu Bailu!” Hardly had she appeared when she heard a loud and earnest call in the storm.

“My lord, is it possible that Miss Gu fell into the ocean?”

Gu Bailu finally remembered that she hadn’t told anyone where she had gone. They were looking for her!

“I’m here,” Gu Bailu replied and hurried to climb up to the deck.

However, her voice wasn’t loud enough, and was drowned out by thunder.

She fell after the boat shook violently. Wiping at the rainwater on her face, she couldn’t quite see what was happening.

“My lord… you can’t go!” Qin Shou cried anxiously.

Then, something fell into the water. Gu Bailu simply crawled onto the deck.

“Qin Shou… Qin Shou!”

“Where were you, Miss Gu?” Qin Shou finally heard her. “My lord thought you fell into the ocean and went in after you.”

Was Feng Qingtian trying to kill himself by diving into the tsunami?

Gu Bailu was stunned. She thought it would’ve been Miyasi who jumped in, and didn’t expect it to be Feng Qingtian.

“Get him to come back now.” Gu Bailu came back to her senses.

Qin Shou helped her back to her feet. “I’ll go in to search for my lord.”

Gu Bailu looked at the ocean from the deck. The waves raged like a ferocious animal and lifted the boat up almost ten meters.

Gu Bailu held on to the rail as she almost lost her balance.

She didn’t dare go down!

“Don’t go. You’ll be killed too.” Miyasi grabbed Gu Bailu and Qin Shou. “Try to let him know that you’re up here.”

Gu Bailu wiped at the rainwater on her face and asked Qin Shou, “You don’t have any means of communicating with him directly?”

Qin Shou shook his head. “There’s a barrier here.”

No spiritual power could be used at all?

“What is this place?”

“It’s a barrier that my master set up in case of intruders. Normal people will vanish mysteriously after entering it. I don’t know how he managed it,” said Miyasi.

He believed that he had only learned one tenth of his master’s abilities.

Gu Bailu speculated that the barrier might have been established with a magnetic field.

She took out her teleportation rune, which was still usable even though it was wet.

“Let me have a try.”

Her runes didn’t belong to this world. It was possible that the barrier couldn’t affect them.

She had come here with the teleportation rune just now.

Gu Bailu tossed out the rune, but nothing happened.

Would Feng Qingtian die?

That was unlikely. He had to be confident since he dove in so confidently.

Also, he wouldn’t risk his life for her.

She wasn’t anyone important.

However… Gu Bailu wasn’t certain about that. He once tried to have her even though there had been a blade in his chest.

If he lost her, he would lose his ability to desire something, so…

Gu Bailu found it impossible to understand why he thought so much about desire.

“Qin Shou, your lord will be fine, right? The ocean can’t kill him.”

Qin Shou shook off Miyasi and was about to jump in. “My lord… My lord doesn’t know how to swim at all.”

Gu Bailu was stunned. Feng Qingtian wasn’t a swimmer?

Then, why did he jump in?