Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 185 - I’ll Wait Until Sunset

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After Gu Bailu figured it out, she took the teleportation rune out.

“Wait a moment. I told Gu Yunjing that you were captured by Prince Zi. He’ll probably come,” Yin Neng hurried to say when he saw that.

Nothing good happened when she used that rune.

“Didn’t you say that he can’t protect me?”

She had to count on herself if that was the case.

She was quite lazy, and would gladly accept protection from someone else.

However, when they couldn’t offer to do so, she would think of other solutions instead of placing her hopes on them.

“That’s just my guess. You should wait a little longer.”

Yin Neng thought that Gu Yunjing might risk it considering how much he liked her.

Gu Bailu thought for a moment. “Alright, I’ll wait for him until sunset. If he’s not here by then, I’ll act on my own.”

It would be best if Gu Yunjing could come. She didn’t want to beg Feng Qingtian.

Gu Bailu was anxious, but she knew that worrying wouldn’t do her any good. So, she had someone prepare a meal.

She fed some fresh meat to Yin Neng, too.

The one thing that she was never worried about in this life was food.

After the meal, Gu Bailu began to draw runes in case she needed them later.

She suddenly thought of the strange runes she saw at Soul Perishing Mountain.

Pondering for a moment, she drew every symbol on a piece of paper.

Because the runes which her master taught her had also been on the wall, she thought that the other runes might also be helpful.

The sun was still high after Gu Bailu finished preparing everything. She was more agitated than ever.

Ah Luo was most loyal to her when they were together.

If anything were to happen to Ah Luo, she wouldn’t know what to do.

Her master was gone, and her family was dead. Her life would be meaningless if something happened to Ah Luo.

Was she meant to watch those dear to her die without being able to do anything about it?

“Don’t be nervous. I asked Chen Mu to use the Soul Attractor to help Ah Luo. They should be able to hide in there even if they can’t escape.”

Gu Bailu touched her wrist and remembered that she hadn’t seen the Soul Attractor for days.

Chen Mu, Yin Neng’s brother, was the other polar bear.

Gu Bailu wasn’t relieved by Yin Neng’s comfort.

Ah Luo didn’t know how to bend. She listened to nobody but Gu Bailu.

She would just fight those who harmed her.

It was highly unlikely that she would hide in the Soul Attractor.

Every second was torture. Finally, the palace was illuminated by the red sunset.

Gu Yunjing wasn’t here.

Gu Bailu took out the teleportation rune. “Enough waiting.”

Yin Neng intended to persuade her, but Gu Bailu simply said, “Just stay here and wait for my summons.”

Gu Bailu threw out the teleportation rune and stepped into the portal without any hesitation.

In the blink of an eye, Gu Bailu heard the sound of waves and winds. She fell on the deck in the strong wind.

Before she knew it, lightning struck right above her head.

What was this place?

“Gu Bailu, why are you here?” Someone pulled her into a cabin.

Gu Bailu felt that she couldn’t keep steady at all.

The boat shook hard as the roaring wind lifted it to the top of the waves.

The boat was as exciting as a roller coaster.