Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 184 - Sometimes Dignity Can Be Abandoned

Gu Bailu’s eyes bulged as if she were hit by lightning.

Why on earth did Ah Luo have the Supreme Token? That was completely out of the blue.

Was Ah Luo from the Nether Land?

No. Ah Luo didn’t seem to know anything about the Nether Land.

“Ah Luo can’t be the traitor. I need to go back.” Gu Bailu stood up.

“Did you forget about that woman you saved a few days, who gave a token to Ah Luo?” Yin Neng was lost for words at her poor memory.

She had forgotten the thousand-year-old iron she had obtained a few days ago.

Gu Bailu was now roasting after being struck by lightning.

The token! The token that was too heavy for her to carry, which had been a reward from the pregnant woman?

Had she been set up?

After finally doing a good thing for once, she had been set up!

“I need to go back and explain it!”

That had been such a vulnerable and innocent woman – Gu Bailu didn’t expect the woman to be a traitor, or to be bold enough to steal the token of the Nether Land.

While the two Residences would only take lives, the Nether Land was a place which claimed people’s souls.

Nobody wanted to mess with the Nether Land.

“I’ll let you go back if you can explain it. The Nether King is very angry and has ordered that you be brought back to the Nether Land. That’s a place that even I don’t want to go. You’ll never return after you go there.”

“I have to go back for Ah Luo. Can you break this barrier?”

Yin Neng shook his head. “That boy wanted to lock you up. How can his barrier be broken so easily?”

Gu Bailu grew anxious. “Then what can Ah Luo do if we’re both trapped here?”

She had summoned Yin Neng because she thought he could break the barrier.

“Where is Prince Zi?” Yin Neng was more worried about Gu Bailu – while she was here, the people of the Nether Land would quickly track her to this place.

The emperor of Southern Glory Empire certainly wouldn’t offend the Nether King by protecting her.

The only person they could count on was Prince Zi.

However, their relationship was quite a mess.

“He probably left with Miyasi.”

Soon, a doctor came. He checked Yin Neng’s wounds and gave him two pills before he left in a hurry.

The guard was about to disappear, when Gu Bailu stopped her. “Where is your lord? I have something urgent to do.”

“He went to Futu Island.”

What was that? She looked at Yin Neng, and Yin Neng shook his head. “I’ve never heard of it before.”

“When will he return?” Gu Bailu paced back and forth anxiously.

Feng Qingtian obviously intended to lock her in this place until he returned from his journey.

How could she save Ah Luo without getting out of here?

She wondered what happened to Ah Luo. Would Gu Yunjing protect her?

“He’ll return after his problem is solved,” Ye Hua replied expressionlessly.

“I have something urgent to do. Help me take down the barrier.” Gu Bailu looked at her coldly.

She would be ruthless if the girl didn’t listen to her.

Ye Hua’s face didn’t change. “Miss Gu, I can’t undo the lord’s barrier even if you kill me.”

“You can obviously leave this place.” Gu Bailu wasn’t convinced.

“The barrier was planted in your body.”

Gu Bailu collapsed on the bed. So to speak, she couldn’t get out of here.

She could only go find Feng Qingtian and ask him to send her back to Cloud Mirror Academy, whatever it might take.

After all, the worst thing she could do was sell her dignity again.

For Ah Luo, she could abandon her dignity.