Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 181 - I Feel Sorry For the Spirit Turning Pill

She slept quietly, and had stopped struggling.

She looked so quiet and weak that he just wanted to stare at her forever.

After so many reincarnations, he had lost most of the memories from his first life; what remained was his purpose.

He had been reincarnated so many times for a single person, who had been punished by the fires of hell for him.

He touched Gu Bailu’s face. She had mentioned the magma of hell twice.

He might’ve heard it wrong the first time, but he couldn’t be wrong this time.

“Who are you?”

He would’ve suspected that Gu Bailu was the person he had been looking for, if she had the Night Lotus.

Otherwise, his affection for her was inexplicable.

Before, he thought that he had become unfaithful because he had contracted the bad habits of human beings.

But why did he have an affair with Gu Bailu, of all people?

Gu Bailu was the most unremarkable person on the entire continent.

It certainly wasn’t because she had raped him once.

However, the Night Lotus wasn’t on her.

The Night Lotus only acknowledged one master.

He had tested it before. Nan Ningxin’s Night Lotus wasn’t fake.

“My lord, may I come in?” Qin Shou said outside the room.

“Yes.” Feng Qingtian pulled the sheet over Gu Bailu to cover her face.

After thinking for a moment, he pulled the sheet down to under her chin, fearing that she wouldn’t be able to breathe.

Qin Shou walked in, but didn’t dare look at the bed.

His lord was too petty. If he saw something that he wasn’t supposed to see, he would be sent to scrub the toilets again.

“My lord, the man is unwilling to talk after all the torture. He’s half-dead now.”

Feng Qingtian’s eyes grew cold. That was a stubborn one.

He couldn’t kill him, or Gu Bailu would make a scene after she woke up.

“Ask Ye Ying to look after her. I’ll go take a look myself.”

Feng Qingtian walked out of the palace. Qin Shou followed him after giving the guard the instruction.

Thinking for a moment, he couldn’t help but remind his lord, “My lord, you better be gentle with Miss Gu in the future. She can’t bear your fire spirit at all.”

Feng Qingtian had hurt her, and then had given her the precious Spirit Turning Pill when he was feeling too sorry.

Although extravagant, it wouldn’t have been a waste if the pill had been given to someone with immense spiritual power, since it could increase their spiritual power.

However, Miss Gu had no spiritual power at all, so the pill was no different from any other medicinal pill.

Qin Shou felt sorry for the Spirit Turning Pill.

It was a great supplement to help increase one’s spiritual power during breakthroughs, but it had been used as a treatment pill.

Feng Qingtian’s face grew dark. If only he had known that Gu Bailu would defend another man like that.

Thinking that, Feng Qingtian was so uncomfortable that he could barely breathe.

He had been used as an antidote twice, and she didn’t show him any friendliness.

The royal palace dungeon was damp, and illuminated by night pearls.

Locked up in a cage, Miyasi had been tortured, his clothes ragged and his gracefulness completely gone.

Feng Qingtian looked at him and finally felt better.

He looked down at Miyasi and said, “Wake him up.”