Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 180 - Bring Him Down and Treat Him Well

“How is she?” Miyasi looked at the screen, trying to check on Gu Bailu through it.

Feng Qingtian sat down in a chair. “Answer my question.”

Miyasi said firmly, “I won’t say anything until I know her condition.”

He wasn’t aggressive and he looked amiable, but he clearly couldn’t be refused.

He knew that his offer would pique Feng Qingtian’s interest.

His master had told him that there was always a way to break through, as long as a weakness was pinpointed.

“You can perceive my problem, but you can’t sense the situation, even through a screen?” Feng Qingtian didn’t seem angry about Miyasi’s gentle threat.

He never revealed his feelings to outsiders.

Nobody had made him exhibit fury in many years, except for the person lying behind the screen.

“Your barrier is too solid for me to see through, Prince Zi.” Miyasi admitted that he couldn’t pierce it.

Feng Qingtian said casually, “How can I trust your abilities if you can’t see through my barrier?”

Miyasi smiled. “Are you scared that I can’t fulfill my promise?”

Feng Qingtian stared at him. Where, exactly, was this mysterious man from?

He was gentle and not aggressive at all, but he knew how to negotiate.

Feng Qingtian certainly wasn’t scared that he would go back on his word.

“What solution do you have?” asked Feng Qingtian.

He truly wanted to cure his disease. Only then would he know whether or not his desire for Gu Bailu was because his body was cursed.

“Are you willing to discuss the terms to set her free?” Miyasi wanted a definitive answer.

After all, it wasn’t an easy problem to solve.

Feng Qingtian sneered. “I’m afraid that you aren’t qualified to negotiate with me.”

He had barely finished his sentence when a bunch of men in ghost masks appeared and surrounded Miyasi.

Miyasi immediately sensed the pressure of great spiritual power.

He frowned. He knew that the guy was strong, but he didn’t know he was that strong.

He couldn’t perceive the levels of these strangers at all.

“Bring him down and treat him well until he confesses something useful,” Feng Qingtian ordered coldly.

Had he been keeping a low profile for so long that everyone thought they could challenge him?

Naturally, Miyasi wouldn’t surrender easily. He drew his sword and was about to fight, when he got a strong headache and his nose started bleeding.

Was there poison in the palace?

“You… you tricked me.” Miyasi was shocked.

He had fought against humans before, but they had never played such tricks.

His master had taught him a lot of ways to guard against the craftiness of humans.

However, he was too concerned about the human girl to be vigilant toward his surroundings.

He didn’t even notice how the poison had been administered.

“I just want Gu Bailu to rest quietly.” Feng Qingtian looked at him. “Battles can be noisy.”

Feng Qingtian moved behind the screen again.

The men in ghost masks brought Miyasi down without a sound.

Feng Qingtian sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Gu Bailu, whose face was now a healthy shade of red again.