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Feng Qingtian pressed down and whispered in her ear, “A few months ago, I fell off a cliff when I was chopping wood in the mountains, and a woman asked for a certain something of mine in the middle of the night…”

5Gu Bailu was stunned, her eyes wide open. “You… You…”

“I lent her such a precious thing. Don’t you think she should return the favor?”

2Gu Bailu felt like she had been struck by lightning. Feng Qingtian was the woodcutter?

How was that possible? The renowned Prince Zi, cutting wood in the mountains?

But if it wasn’t him, how could he know the details so well?

Ah… dear god, what should she do? Resist or accept it?

Should she try to become familiar with him?

The questions in her head made it impossible for her to think, but Feng Qingtian’s hands were already moving downward. Gu Bailu suddenly sat up and pushed him away. “Wait. That was a misunderstanding!”

Feng Qingtian sat on top of her and raised her chin. “Don’t pretend to be an innocent lamb. You were rather passionate that night.”

2Gu Bailu secretly cried. She had actually raped such a powerful person. It was only reasonable that he wanted to kill her.

“Well, I can explain. I was drugged and couldn’t think clearly, and you happened to be there… I’m truly sorry.”

She owed him an apology. After all, it had been indecent of her to have slept with him.

“Just an apology? Nothing more?” Feng Qingtian looked down at her. There was no telling how he was feeling.

“What more can I do? Right, I can’t give your virginity back to you in this life, but in the next life, I’ll definitely…”

“Woman, you know exactly what I want. Show me your sincerity and stop tricking me.”

2Gu Bailu gritted her teeth. “Alright. It was wrong of me to have slept with you. I’ll be responsible for your happiness for the rest of your life!”

2Her crime was punishable by death. Although it was because she had been drugged, the guy had definitely been traumatized.

2Besides, Feng Qingtian had been a virgin until then. She was already prepared to bear the consequences of her actions.

“You are?” Feng Qingtian gazed at her. “How are you going to ensure that?”

“I’ll cure you of your misogyny.”

If it wasn’t for Feng Qingtian’s condition, he probably would have had a dozen children, instead of being raped as a virgin in his twenties.

Putting herself in his shoes, Gu Bailu felt that she was truly an incomparable scoundrel.

“You?” Feng Qingtian was obviously unconvinced.

“There’s no need to doubt me. Even if I can’t cure you, I can always give myself to you.”

“Why bother? I can just use you.”

Gu Bailu sat up and covered her breasts with her robe. “Prince Zi, there are so many beautiful girls in this world. As such a strong and powerful man, don’t you want a taste of every one of them?”

Feng Qingtian said coldly, “I’m not interested in that.”

2“You’re only saying that because you hate women right now. After I cure you, you’ll be scattering your seed all over the world like a butterfly in spring.”