Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 178 - Let’s Negotiate

“Yin Neng…” Gu Bailu tried to summon Yin Neng to take her away.

However, she was too weak to summon Yin Neng now.

She shouldn’t have sent Yin Neng back to Cloud Mirror Academy earlier to deliver a message.

Was she really going to die here in front of Feng Qingtian?

Gu Bailu’s eyelids were heavy. She was dizzy when the pain in her hand spread to her head.

Someone ran into the palace. “Human girl…”

Gu Bailu couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore, but she still sensed the appealing smell on him.

He had a gentle and comforting voice.

He had broken through Feng Qingtian’s guards. The beast turned out to be quite strong, too.

She was the only one who was weak.

In Miyasi’s arms, Gu Bailu felt that she was being roasted in the fires of hell again. Below her was a river of burning magma that was rising and licking at her toes.

Her shins, her thighs and her waist were consumed. She cried out a name in agony.

She saw her mouth open, but she couldn’t hear the name.

When the sword which glowed purple came, her body was trembling in pain.

Her clothes were drenched with sweat. Miyasi wanted to pick her up, only to be knocked away.

In the blink of an eye, Gu Bailu returned to the hands of the coldblooded man.

Miyasi felt regretful.

At the beginning, he wanted Gu Bailu to be his partner partly to return the favor, partly because the tribe needed it, and partly because Gu Bailu wasn’t detestable. But right now, he truly liked her.

As a prince, he had faced many brutal battles since childhood.

Only the strongest survived in the jungle, and the weak were brutalized by humans.

His parents and brothers never gave him any help during his training, so that he could grow strong.

His master was even more ruthless.

He grew up in storms of blood. What he heard most was that only if he was strong could he protect the tribe.

Nobody felt that he needed care and protection, too.

Only this little human girl protected his back and warned the formidable enemy that he mustn’t be hurt.

He felt so happy that even his saliva tasted sweet.

So, that was the feeling of being protected. He wanted her to hug him.

“Prince Zi, she’s badly hurt. Please give her to me,” Miyasi said firmly.

His eyes were a different color, and he was unusually handsome. His words were gentle, but sounded irrefutable.

Feng Qingtian naturally sensed it. He held Gu Bailu even more tightly and said, “Get lost.”

Miyasi didn’t back off because of his attitude. He continued firmly, “Prince Zi, we can negotiate as long as you’re willing to give her to me.”

Feng Qingtian ignored him. Putting Gu Bailu on the bed, he started to inject spiritual power into her.

Although she was ungrateful, he didn’t want her to die.

In so many lives, he hadn’t felt so helpless before.

He would never give her to anybody else, however troublesome she was.

Miyasi followed him. Looking at Gu Bailu, who was murmuring unconsciously, he said, “You cling to her because she’s the only woman you can touch, right?”

Feng Qingtian focused on transmitting spiritual power and completely ignored him.

“I know how to cure your disease.”