Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 167 - You Should Announce Your Marriage to the World

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“It’s a misunderstanding, Your Majesty. I’m a disciple of Cloud Mirror Academy, and I accidentally came here when I was practicing my skills.”

Gu Bailu hurried to explain. She certainly couldn’t count on Feng Qingtian anymore.

The emperor frowned and looked at Feng Qingtian in puzzlement. “Prince Zi, do you know her?”

The woman had fallen next to Prince Zi and had yet to be killed. The emperor had to show her enough respect in case she was with Prince Zi.

Gu Bailu was rather worried. If Feng Qingtian said no, Miyasi would consider her a liar.

She probably should’ve said that Gu Yunjing was her partner. That would’ve been more convincing.

“Of course. Prince Zi and I know each other very well,” Gu Bailu said before Feng Qingtian did.

They probably knew each other a bit too well.

She wasn’t lying.

Gu Bailu looked at the emperor of Southern Glory Empire. He appeared to be in his forties and wasn’t fat at all.

The man must’ve trained hard.

He looked somewhat similar to Feng Xuanchen, the second prince.

He examined Gu Bailu and asked uncertainly, “You’re not the loser from General Gu’s family, are you?”

“Your eyes are truly keen, Your Majesty. That’s exactly who I am.”

The emperor looked less grave. He clearly liked the adulation.

“What are you doing here instead of studying in Cloud Mirror Academy?” Somebody shouted in the crowd and knelt down. “Your Majesty, I have nothing to do with this. She has already gone to Cloud Mirror Academy.”

Gu Bailu sniffed. Thankfully, she had never regarded Gu Zongxiong as a human being.

He was practically asking the emperor to outright help him kill her.

“Your Majesty, it was just a mistake I made while studying. I need to go back. Sorry for the disturbance. Goodbye.”

Gu Bailu stood up and fled.

Nobody stopped her. She ran out of the hall and hid in a corner, relieved that nobody had chased after her.

“Prince Miyasi, my partner is discussing state affairs with other people. He can’t be disturbed.”

Gu Bailu spoke to the ring.

She was smart enough to speak on Feng Qingtian’s behalf, or her scam would be exposed.

“Why is your partner expressionless when he sees you?” Miyasi asked.

“That’s because he’s upset that I disturbed his business.”

“If you are his partner, why does the emperor not know you? Your partner seems very important.”

“Well, my partner likes to keep a low profile. He didn’t let anyone else know that he mated with me.”

“Shouldn’t he announce to the world that you’re his after your consummation?”


Why are you asking so many questions? Not knowing how to respond, Gu Bailu simply said, “Humans are different from beasts.”

“I lived among humans for ten years.”

So, don’t presume that beasts are gullible.

Gu Bailu sighed. “What I said is true. Men may have plenty of partners, so they generally don’t announce it to the world.”

“I know that. They have a wife and many concubines. So, you are a concubine?”


We only slept together twice.