“If you want to know, I can tell you. However, since it’s the biggest secret of our tribe, you’ll have to become one of us if you want to know…”

“Wait. It was only a casual question. As a matter of fact, I prefer to be a human. My parents and husband will worry about me if I stay here.”

Although she was curious, she didn’t intend to sell herself for it.

“Husband? You have a partner?” The female bull demon was in an even worse mood.

Gu Bailu nodded. “That’s right. I’ve mated with someone else, so I don’t deserve your prince.”

Since they had one partner for life, they probably wouldn’t want anyone who already had a partner.

The gold bull demon slapped the rocks. “Is your partner as good as Miyasi?”

Gu Bailu held her head high. “At the very least, he’s a human being.”

The bull demon was lost for words. “Miyasi, it’s your decision.”

Miyasi’s excitement had been replaced with depression. He said gloomily, “I would like to meet your partner.”

Gu Bailu was surprised. The next king could also talk!

However, he seemed as silly as a husky.

“Is that really necessary? Why do you want to meet him?”

You’ll probably be killed.

Feng Qingtian certainly wouldn’t hesitate to attack a monster.

“I’ll see if he’s better than me.” Miyasi was firm.

Gu Bailu found it hilarious that he felt so confident about himself when he looked so hideous.

“He’s a powerful human. It’s not easy to meet him.” Gu Bailu tried to reason with him.

“Not even for you? Isn’t he your partner? He doesn’t treat you well?” the female bull demon asked.

Not just that, he almost killed me.

Too bad this wasn’t the place for complaints.

“I can meet him anytime, but he can’t.” Such a huge monster would be executed for sure if he came with her.

Gu Bailu didn’t want to get him killed. She liked how Miyasi was willing to return the favor on his brother’s behalf, although this gratitude wasn’t exactly what she wanted.

“That’s easy.” The female bull demon picked up a wooden box that had a strange symbol carved into it.

She gave the box to Gu Bailu. “This is a spiritual ring. You can put Miyasi inside, and he can go with you.”

Gu Bailu opened the box curiously and found a ruby ring inside. It seemed ancient and mysterious.

Was this the legendary space ring?

In that case, did she have to see Feng Qingtian?

However, if Miyasi realized that Feng Qingtian wasn’t nice to her, he would definitely demand copulation again.

Gu Bailu hesitated, but a white pillar of light from the ring engulfed Miyasi.

“Alright, you can carry Miyasi with you now.”

The female bull demon put the ring on Gu Bailu’s index finger, giving her no chance to refuse.

Warmth and power flowed through her body. She immediately felt refreshed. It was good stuff.

After putting it on, Gu Bailu didn’t want to take it off.

Fine. She should get out of Soul Perishing Mountain first. Even if Miyasi discovered that Feng Qingtian wasn’t her partner, it was unlikely that he would be able to snatch her and carry her back to this place.