Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 164 - I Want to Go Home

Gu Bailu tried her best to pluck out the thorny bush.

The female bull demon came over. “You saved my son. You’ve done our tribe a great favor.”

Gu Bailu grinned. “Can I go now?”

“Are you leaving?” The female bull demon was surprised.

“Of course I am.” You want me to stay here as your food?

She had saved him. There was no need to stay any longer.

“I don’t sense any spiritual power in you. You must be weak for a human.” The female bull demon sat down next to her. Immediately, Gu Bailu felt like a tiny doll.

“Why don’t you stay in our tribe? The king and I will guarantee that no one will dare be mean to you.”

Join the monsters?

“No, you’re too big and tall. Any one of you can kill me easily when upset.”

She would face enormous pressure against them.

“One of our princes doesn’t have a partner yet. He’s willing to protect you. Miyasi, come here.” A monster immediately came over and looked at Gu Bailu in delight.

Gu Bailu was stunned. What was this about?

She was to stay among the monsters and be married to a prince…

Although you only have one life partner, a cross-species relationship is just too much for me.

“Well… I want to go home,” Gu Bailu finally said after a long daze.

The female bull demon pulled a long face. “Do you not like our Miyasi? He’s stronger than the Sword Elders. Also, he’s going to be the next king.”

Gu Bailu didn’t know much about Sword Elders except that they were above Grandmasters.

The guy seemed pretty impressive as the king-to-be.

“Can you accept a human as a partner?” Gu Bailu asked curiously.

Did they not want to copulate or have children?

“Humans are smart. Your offspring might improve our situation.”


They wanted her to have children with the next king and use her to modify their genes?

They had to be joking.

“Our sizes don’t match. I want to go home.” Gu Bailu felt that she had fallen into another trap. “Do you not honor your promises?”

“Does Miyasi not deserve you?” The gold bull demon walked in furiously.

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. Was it necessary to ask the question?

Your eyes are big, but they seem rather useless.

“He’s too ugly.” That was the biggest reason.

“What? You say that Miyasi is ugly? He’s the most beautiful among us. He even defeated the young beast king in the nearby forest.”

Gu Bailu felt that it was impossible to communicate with them.

She simply stood up. “In any case, I’m going home. You won’t go back on your promise, right?”

“We will certainly thank you as we promised, by giving you our best companion as your partner,” the female bull demon said solemnly.

I don’t think I can live with that kind of gratitude.

“Bring the human down. Let her mate with Miyasi tonight.”

They didn’t hold wedding ceremonies. After mating, they would be partners.

Gu Bailu was more than infuriated, but she couldn’t help but ask, “How do you want me to mate with him?”

She was rather curious.

Her entire body probably wasn’t as large as the next king’s genitals!