Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 160 - Such a Spicy Question?

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Gu Bailu was too stunned to throw out the teleportation rune.

Monsters were generally smarter than common beasts. Some could even talk to humans, like Chen Yi.

Gu Bailu backed off. “What… what are you doing?”

The monster was smart enough to kneel. It might be able to understand her.

The monster howled and knocked Gu Bailu to the ground.

“Damn it. Just speak. You’re scaring me.” Gu Bailu raised her voice.

Wang Ziyan was already crouching behind her.

It wasn’t really because she was timid, but because it was too scary.

The monster snarled, sounding like the most violent whirlwind.

The bull demon stared at Gu Bailu and continued roaring as if it were anxious.

Gu Bailu hurried to cover her ears. “What do you want? You must be begging me for something. Just take me there.”

After all, the bull demon was unlikely to let them go.

She was sure that the bull demon wouldn’t kill them immediately, at least.

The bull demon understood and grabbed Gu Bailu and Wang Ziyan, who were like ladybugs on a banana leaf.

They were so insignificant that Gu Bailu almost despaired.

The bull demon stomped forward.

Gu Bailu’s heart raced all the way. By the time the bull demon stopped, Gu Bailu had vomited all the food she had eaten for breakfast.

Not only was she airsick, she was also bull demon-sick!

After she finished throwing up, she looked around and almost passed out.

There was a group of bull demons around her. It was hopeless!

It seemed to be a gigantic pit, with stones and grass inside; the moss in it suggested that it had existed for quite a while.

Many strange symbols were painted on the walls.

Gu Bailu saw many runes she was quite familiar with.

Gu Bailu secretly memorized the other runes. They were probably related to her art.

There were no trees in the pit. She could even see the blue sky, except that it was very high above.

Dizzy and nauseated, she didn’t even know how she got into the pit.

The pit was truly huge. There was still plenty of room even with so many bull demons.

Gu Bailu was confused. Why did the bull demon bring her to the pit?

She and Wang Ziyan weren’t even enough as snacks for them.

Suddenly, painful screams came from behind the bull demons, making Gu Bailu tumble to the floor.

This time, she retched up bile.

“Can you stop screaming? Or I’ll be the first person in history to be killed by monster roars!”

It was unbearable.

“Get out of the way.” A low and hoarse voice rang out, giving Gu Bailu hope again.

Was there someone else here?

The bull demons cleared the way for another bull demon that was even bigger.

Damn it. Why was it another bull demon? This one even had gold horns that glinted in the sun.

Also, why was the bull demon talking?

“What do you want?” Gu Bailu asked in confusion.

“Human, do you know copulation?”

He asked such a spicy question upon their first meeting?