Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 158 - Party of Monsters

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Gu Bailu couldn’t care less. Nobody knew what pain was until they suffered.

Nobody was born better than anyone else.

Hoping that she could cripple Gu Bailu soon, Yun Nichang stubbornly carried her up the mountain.

The monsters in the forest were divided into different levels: preliminary, advanced and king.

Soul Perishing Mountain was where the beast king and his family lived.

So, normal people would never come in. Soul Perishing Mountain was the beast king’s royal palace. The place was much more dangerous than outside.

General trials didn’t require entrance to Soul Perishing Mountain, because demonic souls were available outside.

However, there weren’t any monsters outside today.

Despite her lack of experience, Gu Bailu knew that this was unusual, because there had been plenty of monsters the other day.

After they entered, Gu Bailu observed the environment closely.

She didn’t think that the three Class A disciples had the confidence to deal with the danger. It was the beast king’s territory, after all.

Soon after they entered, Gu Bailu felt the earth shake.

It was weak at first, but soon, all the trees were shaking. Gu Bailu felt her heart pound.

Yun Nichang staggered unsteadily.

The situation was bad. Even a genius like Yun Nichang couldn’t hold on anymore.

“What’s going on?” Gu Bailu asked.

The rude disciple glared at her. “I knew that nothing good would happen with you garbage around. How unlucky!”

Gu Bailu sniffed. “What’s going on, exactly?”

“Considering the noise, the monsters must be gathering,” the other disciple said nervously.

Yun Nichang threw Gu Bailu to the ground. “Let’s run first.”

She turned around and fled. With her spiritual power, she disappeared quickly.

“Is it really alright to escape?” Gu Bailu looked at the rude disciple.

They would still be killed if they escaped, but the two pieces of trash would die here.

The rude disciple also wanted to escape. He looked at the other disciple and asked, “Tianxiang, what do we do? We’ll be dead for sure if we don’t run.”

The howls seemed to be breaking the whole forest apart.

Zhou Tianxiang looked at Gu Bailu and Wang Ziyan. “We’ll be dead all the same if they don’t survive. We better check it out first.”

They were just two of the geniuses of Cloud Mirror Academy, and the last thing that Cloud Mirror Academy was short of were geniuses.

As a princess, Yun Nichang might not be sentenced to death.

But Shao Di certainly wouldn’t go easy on them, not when Gu Bailu was on their team.

The rude disciple glared at Gu Bailu and Wang Ziyan, who had been following them quietly. “You two really do bring disaster.”

He cursed and walked off before Gu Bailu could react.

Gu Bailu rose and asked Zhou Tianxiang, “Senior Brother, what’s going to happen when the monsters gather?”

Zhou Tianxiang didn’t want to answer at all. He sniffed. “You won’t live if anything happens to Li Erbao.”