Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 157 - You Really Are a Nice Person, Senior Sister

She didn’t expect the woman to be so shameless as to want her to be a maid.

“I’m not leaving if you don’t carry me,” Gu Bailu insisted.

She wanted to let them know that even garbage could humiliate them, because there were rules in this world and people stronger than they were.

If they took advantage of the people weaker than them, they would be taken advantage of by those stronger.

The rules that Shao Di had set were a great tool.

She was certainly going to make the best use of them!

“You’re not leaving? Let me break your legs.” Yun Nichang launched a streak of light at Gu Bailu’s legs.

She knew very well that Gu Bailu didn’t really want to die.

Nobody wanted to die when they enjoyed Shao Di’s protection and other privileges.

Naturally, Gu Bailu didn’t want to die. She blocked Yun Nichang’s attack by drawing a random star.

“My lady, you better save your strength. You think you’re a genius and other people are garbage, but you can’t even defeat garbage. I think we better die together so that we can keep each other company on the way to the other world.”

Yun Nichang vomited blood in a fury and almost fell over. Thankfully, the rude disciple supported her. “Are you alright, princess?”

“How can I be alright? You two attack her together. Let’s see what she can do.”

The other disciple frowned. “Princess, she’s with Shao Di…”

“What are you scared of? Just make sure that she doesn’t die.”

All of them were Masters. They could certainly deal with the garbage.

The disciple whispered to her, “She has evil tricks. The other day, she used her runes to deal with plenty of disciples. There’s no need to be tough on her.”

Yun Nichang’s face changed. “What do you propose?”

“We will have plenty of chances to finish her off inside.”

Yun Nichang’s face turned black. “Are you telling me to carry her in?”

“Hold it back for now; she’ll get what’s coming to her later.”

Yun Nichang gritted her teeth. She knew from the attack just now that the garbage had strange powers, which made her stomach tremble.

It wasn’t something anybody could do.

Shao Di certainly wasn’t an idiot. The person he had chosen had to be special. Alright, she would hold it in for Shao Di’s sake.

“Hey, how’s your discussion coming along? Are you going in with me or should we die here together?” Gu Bailu asked curiously.

Those geniuses were really interesting, to discuss how to torment her in front of her.

How blatant.

“You’re willing to go in if I carry you?” Yun Nichang asked.

Gu Bailu nodded cutely. “That’s right. My feet hurt too much to outrun the monsters. I won’t die if Senior Sister is willing to carry me, so I certainly wouldn’t stay here.”

Yun Nichang hated how Gu Bailu was lying, but she could only hold it back and carry her.

“You really are a nice person, Senior Sister!”

Gu Bailu lay on Yun Nichang’s back comfortably, regretting that she wasn’t heavier.

With every step forward, Yun Nichang’s face turned gloomier.

Although Gu Bailu wasn’t heavy, Yun Nichang felt as if her back would never be straight again.