Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 156 - My Feet Hurt. Please Carry Me

Gu Bailu smiled. “Forgive us for bringing you bad luck; we should probably wait for you here, then.”

“We must go in together. Do you want to get us punished?” A disciple raised his voice.

She would be dead for sure if she stayed here, and they would suffer because of her.

Gu Bailu smiled casually. “It should be easier for you to deal with the monsters without us around.”

Wang Ziyan stood in silence. She had no say in the matter.

On one side were geniuses, and on the other was Shao Di’s favorite. She was dust here.

“You… Don’t get us involved if you want to kill yourself.” Yun Nichang flushed with fury.

Her stomach hurt from not being able to slap Gu Bailu.

“Yes. What a great opportunity! You have to die with me if I kill myself.” Gu Bailu smiled delightedly.

She sat on the ground.

“You… you really aren’t leaving?” The disciple had never seen such a scoundrel before. Was she not afraid that she could be eaten by a monster?

They were afraid of that, even if she wasn’t!

Gu Bailu grinned at the three grim geniuses. “That’s right. I’ll rest here until a monster swallows me up.”

They shouldn’t belittle other people’s pride just because of their extraordinary abilities.

Why did they have to despise the two of them the whole time?

If so, they could simply stop following the Class A disciples.

“Come here, Miss Wang. You must be tired after the long walk.”

Wang Ziyan was at a loss. Was it really okay? They would die if they didn’t walk away.

What if the disciples of Class A abandoned them?

“The monsters won’t care whether or not Shao Di is behind you!” a disciple roared.

“Then, just let them eat us. We shouldn’t live in this world, after all.”

Gu Bailu quoted what Yun Nichang just said.

Yun Nichang’s face darkened. You’re free to leave this world, but don’t get us involved!

What horrible rules had Shao Di set up?

“Get up and come with me. I’ll scratch your face if you don’t.” The rude disciple grabbed Wang Ziyan and threatened her.

The people of Class H couldn’t die, but they could be hurt.

Gu Bailu lay on the ground. “Just do it. Miss Wang would probably kill herself if she loses her pretty face, which is her everything.”

It wasn’t easy to live in this world, but it certainly wasn’t difficult to die.

Yun Nichang kicked the rude disciple away. “What a stupid idea. Gu Bailu, what do you want?”

Gu Bailu sat up and looked at her innocently. “Will you satisfy all my requirements?”

Yun Nichang was of a mind to tear her face apart.

“Just speak!”

“My feet are hurting. Please carry me, Senior Sister.” Gu Bailu reached for her in delight.

Yun Nichang almost passed out in fury. How could there be such a shameless woman?

“In your dreams!” Yun Nichang had once been a proud princess of Rising Clouds Empire, who had been cherished since birth.

Few disciples at Cloud Mirror Academy had as high a rank as her.

That was why she mocked Gu Bailu again and again even though Shao Di had defended Gu Bailu.