Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 155 - Soul Perishing Mountain

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The trial forest was naturally dangerous, with traps and monsters everywhere.

Also, the disciples didn’t have any protection. They either survived with their abilities or simply died.

Although it was cruel, it was the best way to train.

Gu Bailu finally recognized that Cloud Mirror Academy was even more brutal than modern day assassination groups.

She wasn’t afraid, but could her fellows in Class H, who had probably never attacked anyone before, make it?

Gu Bailu shook her head. Perhaps it was for the best. Their natural instincts would be triggered when their lives were under threat.

One’s willpower could conquer everything, including spiritual power!

Gu Bailu had no doubt of that.

When her parents were alive, she couldn’t remember anything after days of reading, but after the catastrophe, she memorized all the books in three months, because she knew she had nobody to count on except herself.

The five of them entered the forest. Knowing that Shao Di was behind Gu Bailu, Yun Nichang didn’t dare say anything to her, and mocked Wang Ziyan instead. “Follow us closely. Don’t die and don’t be a burden to us.”

“I’m afraid that we’ll have to split our attention to save them later.”

“It won’t be difficult, as long as they aren’t stupid enough to walk into a trap.”

The three people from Class A complained for a while as they walked ahead.

The group would be rewarded or punished together.

Therefore, they had to ensure the survival of the members from Class H.

Gu Bailu was too lazy to argue with them. She asked Wang Ziyan to follow them as she walked in the back.

If she couldn’t pass this forest trial, she would never be able to get her revenge.

Wang Ziyan nodded at her and followed in silence, fearing that the people before her would disappear.

Gu Bailu observed the environment. Thorns and trees were everywhere, blocking out the sunlight.

After a while, Gu Bailu suddenly found the place familiar.

Wasn’t this the forest where Feng Qingtian had asked her to capture the demonic souls?

She had been here before, and she had traversed half the forest to capture the souls.

Thinking this, Gu Bailu was relieved.

Those monsters were more hideous-looking than they were dangerous.

She believed so until an hour later, when they didn’t find any monsters at all in the forest.

Also, the disciples of Class A were pressing in further.

The deeper they went, the darker it became. Previously, Gu Bailu had returned halfway precisely because of the utter darkness and strange noises.

After a while, the disciples of Class A stopped before a jade stone.

The stone read, ‘Soul Perishing Mountain.’

One of the disciples cursed. “Damn it. There aren’t any monsters today. It seems that we’ll have to go in.”

“With them around, it’ll be a miracle if we get lucky,” another disciple complained.

“I don’t know why you’re still alive in this world.” Yun Nichang glanced at Gu Bailu in disdain and mockery.

Had it not been for the rules, she would have loved to feed them to a monster for dinner.