Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 154 - Girl, Can You Not Like Me So Much?

Gu Yunjing didn’t bother to look at them, but simply stared at Qian Wangsheng.

Qian Wangsheng was shocked. The garbage had indeed summoned Shao Di.

He never knew that Shao Di could be summoned so easily.

He hurried to pay tribute. “It’s an honor to see you, Shao Di.”

“You still know who I am? I thought you lost your memory,” Gu Yunjing said intimidatingly.

“Sir, it’s a critical matter that affects the relationship between the Imperial Residence and the Nether Land.” Qian Wangsheng didn’t expect Shao Di to be so direct.

He defended the little garbage in front of so many people.

How exactly had she enchanted him?

“Whatever it is, you mustn’t disturb Miss Gu. Come with me.” Gu Yunjing looked at Gu Bailu. “Nobody will disturb you now. I’ll punish you if you don’t study well.”

“Of course.” Gu Bailu waved at him.

It was great that the annoying flies were taken away.

Besides, after his public support for her, few disciples had the courage to challenge her anymore.

They probably would also stop mocking her.

It felt great now that the world was at peace.

Gu Yunjing left with his hands behind his back. Qian Wangsheng looked at Gu Bailu in anger before following Gu Bailu.

He would settle this score with her sooner or later.

Gu Bailu grimaced at him. I have a supporter. I’m not scared of anyone!

“Alright, since there isn’t anything else, let’s begin, Ting Xiu.” Ouyang Yin couldn’t do anything about her, either.

After all, all he needed to do was teach her what he knew. He didn’t bother with the rest.

Ting Xiu was Class A’s teacher. He had always sympathized with Ouyang Yin for having to lead Class H, so he didn’t pick on him.

“You’ll be divided into groups now. Stand in order when your name is called.”

There were 24 people in Class A and 16 people in Class H. They made eight groups in total.

Gu Bailu stepped forward when her name was called. She felt unlucky when she looked at her teammates.

The girl who fought with her just now was in her group. Her name was Yun Nichang.

Her teammate from Class H was the girl who had given Gu Bailu a handkerchief just now. Her name was Wang Ziyan.

The other disciples from Class A were guys. One of them was handsome, and the other seemed tough.

Without any spiritual power, Gu Bailu couldn’t tell how strong they were.

However, most of Class A’s disciples had reached the level of Master.

Bu Yaolian was in another group. She sobbed at Gu Bailu, regretting that they weren’t in the same group.

Gu Bailu gave her a rune. “If you’re in any danger, escape with this.”

Bu Yaolian was about to hug her and cry, when Gu Bailu backed off quickly. Bu Yaolian tripped over herself.

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. Girl, can you not like me so much?

After the groupings were done, the teachers gave them their mission.

There was a forest dedicated to trials in Cloud Mirror Academy. Their mission was to eliminate five monsters in the forest. The quickest group to do so would win.