Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 153 - Here Comes My Support

“I would love to study hard. The problem is, I don’t have the chance. Why exactly did you get me into Cloud Mirror Academy? To deal with those bit*hes, or to learn things for real? People keep making trouble for me every day!”

Gu Bailu sat down opposite him and complained.

She truly had had enough of it.

After so many days in Cloud Mirror Academy, she had gotten nothing but trouble.

She didn’t have the energy to deal with those monsters.

She only wanted to learn abilities in peace.

Gu Yunjing opened his eyes coldly. “Who’s making trouble for you again?”

“Among plenty of other people, that elder Qian Wangsheng lashed out at me the moment he arrived. If I were any slower, you would be preparing for my funeral now.”

Gu Yunjing stood up and held her hand. “Let’s go. It seems that the punishment wasn’t severe enough.”

Gu Bailu said to him thoughtfully, “Like I told you, if you punish them, you should make sure that they’ll never cause trouble again.”

Gu Yunjing smiled. “Fine. You’re right. I’ll listen to you in the future.”

Gu Bailu realized that that wasn’t right. Why on earth should he listen to her?

“Well, it was only a suggestion. A small suggestion.”

She certainly couldn’t afford such obedience.

“Let’s go. We’ll see who was mean to my woman.”

Who’s your woman?

Gu Bailu failed to shake him off. She asked deliberately, “Aren’t you going to change?”

People might fail to recognize you if you’re in such pure clothes.

Gu Yunjing extended his hand, and a pink robe flew over from a distance to cover him.

He tied the robe on, turning slutty once more.

He looked much more refreshing this way.

Gu Bailu took the chance to jump on Chen Yi’s back. “Let’s go!”

Gu Yunjing smiled helplessly and followed them.

She was making progress. At least, she knew to come to him when she was in trouble.

As long as she asked for his help, she would gradually become dependent on him. He had stolen her heart in exactly the same way before.

Gu Yunjing smiled and followed her.

The teacher of Class A had come and was introducing the rules of the trial.

The disciples couldn’t be any more angry. “Why should we be responsible for their safety?”

“Exactly! They’re only liabilities to us.”

“Shut up. If you’re unwilling to take the trial, you may leave.” The teacher of Class A was angry.

He didn’t want that, either, but he had to obey the command.

He was embarrassed by his disciples’ blatant unwillingness.

“Master, we’re sorry.” The disciples apologized. “Who proposed such an unreasonable system?”

“I did. Step forward if you’ve got a problem with that,” someone said casually.

The disciples of Class A lowered their heads. “Greetings, Shao Di.”

Who dared to have a problem with him? The disciples whose spirit roots had been crippled were nothing more than walking zombies after returning to their families.

There was completely no hope for them now.