“Damn you!” Gu Bailu cursed out loud.

She wouldn’t watch her manners in front of the person who had repeatedly tried to kill her.

She threw runes at Qian Wangsheng. “Talk to me with your abilities.”

If he was going to treat her as garbage, then she would deal with him as garbage.

Qian Wangsheng didn’t expect her to be so arrogant as to ignore an elder.

She really thought she could do whatever she wanted under Shao Di’s protection?

He avoided the rune attack in disdain. Did she really think petty tricks would work?

Hardly had he dodged them when the runes came back at him as if they had eyes.

He kept running, and the runes kept following him.

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Weren’t you going to bring me to the Court of Punishment, Elder Qian? Why are you dancing? To be honest, your dancing is horrible.”

Bu Yaolian was of a mind to say, “Yes, it is indeed horrible.”

However, she knew that Gu Bailu could be willful, but she couldn’t.

How she wanted to be like Gu Bailu.

How could Qian Wangsheng stand the mockery? He launched spiritual power at the runes.

Gu Bailu smiled. “You can play with my runes. Chen Yi, let’s go.”

The polar bear jumped out, and Gu Bailu leapt on it agilely. They soon disappeared from the sight of the disciples in the square.

Qian Wangsheng knocked down the runes and narrowed his eyes at them viciously.

“Let’s see where you’re going. Even Shao Di can’t protect you this time.”

Ouyang Yin staggered over. “Why can’t you stop looking for trouble with her?”

“It’s just business.”

“Hehe… She’s no ordinary person. Don’t get yourself killed for it.”

Ouyang Yin gave him a warning, then spoke solemnly to his disciples. “This trial is very dangerous. You have to deal with it in other ways since you don’t have spiritual power. Are we clear?”

“Yes…” the disciples said listlessly.

Who knew if they would be able to see the gates of Cloud Mirror Academy again?

The disciples were gloomy.

“You’ll win or die together. If anything happens to you, the disciples of Class A will also be punished, so get ready.”

The disciples’ spirits were immediately lifted. Was that true?

In that case, the disciples of Class A couldn’t abandon them.

They all looked at Ouyang Yin hopefully. Ouyang Yin sniffed. “Just go. I’m not sending you to be killed.”

They probably wouldn’t die, but they would definitely suffer.

As people without spiritual power, they had probably never faced fierce animals before.

It was time that they suffered.

As he encouraged the disciples, he wondered what that disciple with connections was doing.

What could the disciple with connections do? Pull the connections, of course.

Only an idiot would drop their connections.

Gu Bailu returned to Gu Yunjing’s palace on the main peak.

Gu Yunjing was pure and peaceful as he cultivated in white clothes, as if he was about to turn into a deity at any second.

“Don’t you have class? Why are you here? You promised to study hard, didn’t you?”

The girl claimed that she would study hard and had gone to class after stealing two Snow Goddess Fruits.

He hadn’t expected her to come back halfway.