Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 151 - Hiding Traitors From the Nether Land

Gu Bailu stared back at her without blinking.

The girl smiled mockingly. “So, the vulgar trash is rolling around on the ground. Eyesore.”

Gu Bailu didn’t even bother to argue with her.

Bu Yaolian got back to her feet. She yelled at the girl from behind Gu Bailu, “You can laugh at me, but not our Lulu. She’s different from us.”

Gu Bailu was half-delighted and half-upset. I’m very grateful that you’re defending me, but can you not push me into the spotlight?

I just want to learn abilities in peace.

“Indeed she is. She climbed into Prince Zi’s bed despite her rudeness and uselessness, when even beggars wouldn’t be interested in her.”

Gu Bailu was lost for words again, wondering if she could take it as a compliment.

Bu Yaolian raised her voice. “If you think you’re so smart and lovely, why don’t you climb into Prince Zi’s bed? You’re just jealous.”

“What did you say?” The beautiful girl’s face turned red.

It was her greatest sore point that she couldn’t approach Prince Zi.

She threw an air current at Bu Yaolian.

Gu Bailu dragged Bu Yaolian away to avoid it, and the air current created a pit in the square.

What a barbaric world.

“Miss, if you think you’re more civilized than us, why are you biting like an animal?”

Gu Bailu protected Bu Yaolian behind her and glared at the girl.

That had been a fatal attack. None of them would have been able to withstand that.

“You’re nothing but losers.” The girl sniffed.

The disciples of Class A agreed. “That’s right. Aren’t you here to entertain us? You really think you’re here to learn? Stop dreaming.”

“But some people can’t even hit losers. Shouldn’t they kill themselves?” Gu Bailu looked at the girl in amusement.

“Just step out of the way, and let’s see if I can hit her.”

Gu Bailu burst into laughter. “Why? Is some of the trash too strong for you?”

The girl blushed.

Everybody knew that Gu Bailu was under Shao Di’s protection. The disciples who attacked her had all been crippled.

They had the courage to curse her, but didn’t dare attack her for real.

“You’re only counting on Shao Di’s protection. What a shameless woman, to harass both Prince Zi and Shao Di,” another girl said in disgust.

Gu Bailu smiled. “Why shouldn’t I? Can you approach Shao Di or Prince Zi? I’m proud of that. Why don’t you come and beat me up if you don’t like it?”

The disciples of Class A were indignant, but none of them dared to step forward.

“Come and hit me. Show me what great geniuses you are.”

Then, a streak of light charged at her. Gu Bailu dodged it subconsciously.

Did someone really have the courage to do it?

This was getting interesting.

Gu Bailu turned around with a smile and saw someone she hated.

“Elder Qian…” The disciples of Class A bowed in respect.

Qian Wangsheng?

He was the guy who had punished her the day she came to the academy, even when he knew that she was with Shao Di.

He was the elder who supervised punishments at the academy.

“What’s the meaning of this, Elder Qian?” Gu Bailu asked coldly.

“Someone reported that you’re hiding traitors from the Nether Land. Come to the Court of Punishment with me now.”