Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 147 - The Token Left By the Woman

“I… I don’t know.” Nan Ningxin truly didn’t know.

The Night Lotus was her artifact. She had been weak back then, but had still been able to control it. She had given it instructions to kill Gu Bailu and shatter her soul.

Why didn’t the Night Lotus listen to her?

She grasped the Night Lotus in a panic and sensed power surging inside her.

The Night Lotus was just like before, and didn’t reject her at all.

“My lord, Ye Hua is back.” A female voice rang out.

Feng Qingtian said, “Get some rest. I’ll send you back to the Murong family after you’ve recovered.”

He left after saying that.

After the door was shut, Nan Ningxin pounded the pillow. “Damn you, Gu Bailu, why aren’t you dead? Night Lotus, why didn’t you listen to me?”

The Night Lotus glittered, before it dimmed again.

Feng Qingtian returned to his room, where a woman in black was already kneeling.

“Report everything that Gu Bailu did after she returned,” Feng Qingtian said coldly.

“Miss Gu was badly hurt. Shao Di put her in his training room and asked Nan Zhuo to treat her. She seemed fine this morning. She drew runes under a peach tree and said…”

Ye Hua stopped, not daring to repeat what Gu Bailu had said.

Her lord would certainly cut her into pieces after hearing it.

“Just spit it out. You won’t be punished.” Feng Qingtian knew that Gu Bailu certainly wouldn’t say anything nice.

“She said… she cursed you to never be able to touch the woman you love. I brought back the runes. Do you want to take a look, my lord?”

Ye Hua had been sent to monitor Gu Bailu precisely because she was smart and good at sneaking around.

Feng Qingtian narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“Give them to me.”

Ye Hua took out the runes. Feng Qingtian realized that they were identical to the patterns on his hands. Gu Bailu was truly behind it.

If Gu Bailu could manipulate him, could other people do so as well?

After all, there would certainly be people stronger than her.

He was eager to know exactly who Gu Bailu was, but he couldn’t see her real self even in the Spiritual Mirror Lake. It was weird.

“Qin Shou, get ready to send Nan Ningxin back to the Murong family.”

It seemed time to meet Lady Murong.

After Gu Bailu cursed Feng Qingtian and had breakfast, Ah Luo arrived.

“My lady, the beauty left. I asked her to stay, but she refused and gave me this.” Ah Luo took out a token.

Gu Bailu took it, only to almost fall over. The token was surprisingly heavy.

“My lady, it’s made of Cold Ink Iron. You can’t carry it without spiritual power.”

Gu Bailu was more than infuriated. Why didn’t you say it sooner?

The maids in the room secretly chuckled.

“Cough. Why did you give it to me?” Gu Bailu hurried to drop the token on the table.

“I’m scared that I may lose it,” Ah Luo replied matter-of-factly.

So you gave it to someone who can’t carry it?

“It’s just a piece of iron. Can anything happen if you lose it?”

The maids in the room were lost for words. Cold Ink Iron was extremely rare. Why did she make it sound like it was garbage?

“My lady, it’s from the Nether Land.”