Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 146 - Are You Not the Master of the Night Lotus?

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After too many reincarnations, he couldn’t remember much of his past now, and his power had dwindled.

However, Gu Bailu was able to attack it. Although the Night Lotus had resisted, it certainly hadn’t been trying its best, or Gu Bailu wouldn’t have survived.

Who exactly was Gu Bailu? Where should he start investigating?

“My lord, Miss Nan is awake. She wants to see you.” Qin Shou’s voice rang out outside.

Feng Qingtian thought for a moment before he opened the door.

Nan Ningxin was ecstatic when she found herself in Prince Zi’s house. Could she finally approach Prince Zi now?

It had been the right decision to guide him with the Night Lotus.

Hearing footsteps, Nan Ningxin hurriedly combed her hair and pulled at her clothes so that they revealed some cleavage.

This was precisely the erotic image that Feng Qingtian saw when he came in.

Nan Ningxin was beautiful to begin with, and lying weakly on the bed, she looked even more pitiful.

Qin Shou was puzzled. Why did the girl look even weaker when she saw his lord?

Feng Qingtian looked at her naked shoulders and said to Qin Shou, “Cover her in the quilt. Make sure that she doesn’t catch a cold.”

Nan Ningxin moaned. “I don’t want him to touch me. Qingtian, you come…”

Guilt flashed in Feng Qingtian’s eyes. “I still can’t touch you.”

Nan Ningxin was stunned. “How is that possible? I clearly touched you. You even hugged me. Why is this happening? Why are you doing this to me?”

She held back her tears and murmured to herself, as if she was struggling not to have a meltdown.

“You’ve touched the Night Lotus. Why can’t you touch me? How much longer must we be apart?”

Feng Qingtian tried to persuade her. “Don’t be hasty. We’ve already waited hundreds of years. Maybe it’ll be fine in our next life.”

Nan Ningxin was dazed. “Next life? I have to wait until the next life?”

“Yes. I’ve waited eight lives for you. I’m not afraid of waiting one more.”

Feng Qingtian didn’t remember much of his previous lives, but it seemed that he hadn’t been able to touch women then, either.

So, he had never felt that somebody was secretly influencing him.

However, he was wary after what happened today. Was somebody manipulating him?

“No! I don’t know if we’ll encounter each other in the next life. I want us to be together in this one. We’ve missed too much.” Nan Ningxin shook her head in pain.

There wasn’t any emotion except guilt in Feng Qingtian’s heart.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Feng Qingtian looked at her Night Lotus and asked, “Is the Night Lotus alright?”

Nan Ningxin lowered her head and checked, only to discover that the dark core was larger than before.

Holding back her suspicions, she shook her head. “It’s fine. What’s wrong?”

“It seemed very merciful toward Gu Bailu.”

Nan Ningxin’s eyes bulged. “Are you saying that Gu Bailu isn’t dead?”

She had provoked Gu Bailu precisely because she wanted her to attack the Night Lotus.

The Night Lotus’s counterattack was too much for Gu Bailu to bear.

She thought that the woman was dead for sure, so she hadn’t even bothered to ask.


Nan Ningxin looked at him. “Did you help her? How could she have survived? Even I couldn’t take the Night Lotus’s counterattack years ago. How can she?”

Feng Qingtian looked at her sharply. “You should ask yourself the question. Aren’t you the master of the Night Lotus?”