Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 145 - I’ll Curse You With Runes

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As someone who was bold enough to deal with Gu Yunjing’s father, Chen Yi simply ignored Gu Yunjing’s question.

Gu Yunjing had promised to protect the girl, but she had sustained such severe wounds.

How on earth had he become Shao Di?

The people of the Imperial Residence were certainly declining.

Gu Yunjing frowned. Did the Night Lotus have a stronger effect which Feng Qingtian knew about and he didn’t?

He had only allowed Gu Bailu to touch the Night Lotus because nothing would happen to her.

However, Feng Qingtian didn’t know that. Had he tried to stop her not because of Nan Ningxin, but for Gu Bailu’s own sake?

Had he realized something?

Gu Yunjing spent the whole night next to Gu Bailu, recalling the things of the past.

He had finally let the girl know that he loved her.

He had waited too long for this moment.

He wouldn’t allow history to repeat itself. Never.

After one night, Gu Bailu was completely healed. She was as vigorous as ever after she woke up.

Gu Bailu ran out of the palace and drew two runes under a peach tree. “Feng Qingtian, since I can’t beat you right now, I can only curse you to never be able to touch your love.”

Gu Bailu then stuck the runes to the peach tree.

Runes worked best under the peach tree.

Feng Qingtian was carrying Nan Ningxin to his house, when his hands suddenly hurt and tossed Nan Ningxin to the ground. He hurriedly stepped back and got his hands under control.

He had almost attacked Nan Ningxin just now.

He looked at his hands gloomily. It was obvious that something had manipulated his hands just now.

Who had power great enough to control him?

“My lord, what happened? Why is Miss Nan on the ground?” Qin Shou came and asked in confusion.

Feng Qingtian frowned at Nan Ningxin. He couldn’t touch her at all.

The Night Lotus’s power had dispelled his disgust of Nan Ningxin, but what happened just now made him want to keep a distance from her again.

1“Carry her to the room. Send her to the Murong family after she wakes up.”

Feng Qingtian returned to his chamber after that.

He closed the door and looked at his injured hands, where a strange rune remained. Was this what had controlled his hands?

“Ye Ying, bring Ye Hua back.”

A shadow flashed, before the room returned to normal, as if the person had never been there.

Lying on his bed, Feng Qingtian pondered on everything that had happened.

Gu Bailu was more capable than he had thought. Few people could attack the Night Lotus in this world.

Even he didn’t dare do that to the Night Lotus.

It had grown up with him in the darkert, cruellest and most dangerous mountain, right on top of the fires of hell, but it hadn’t been contaminated, and instead had glowed splendidly.

However, it did also retain dark qualities, as indicated by its black core.

It had taken Feng Qingtian three years to pick and freeze it into a necklace.

Right now, the power of the Night Lotus was even greater than his.