Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 143 - It’s For His Own Good That I Emasculate Him

Gu Bailu looked at Gu Yunjing in bewilderment. “Are you sure that he’s a great doctor? He doesn’t sound confident at all.”

Gu Yunjing coughed. The girl really didn’t know how formidable the Night Lotus was.

“You were truly bold enough to touch the Night Lotus. It once swallowed the greatest deity in the Heavenly Realm… And you touched it…”

Before Gu Yunjing could reply, Nan Zhuo was already complaining.

“Who’s the greatest deity in the Heavenly Realm?” Gu Bailu asked curiously.

“How would I know? That’s what the legends say,” Nan Zhuo said matter-of-factly.

“That’s so baseless. I touched it and almost destroyed it, and I’m still alive.” Gu Bailu couldn’t stand him complimenting the Night Lotus.

Wasn’t it the same as complimenting Nan Ningxin?

She would never accept that.

“Right, why are you still alive?” Nan Zhuo was puzzled.

“I’m a disaster. I’m supposed to live forever.” Gu Bailu rolled her eyes.

Was he really a doctor? Didn’t he know that it was impolite to ask someone why they weren’t dead?

Why should I have died?

“I partly agree. You probably really are a disaster. That’s why you survived. You can even recover on your own. How amazing!”

Nan Zhuo had treated a lot of patients over the years, but he had never seen a case as mysterious as hers.

He asked Gu Yunjing, not entirely convinced, “Shao Di, did she really touch the Night Lotus?”

“Do you think I’m lying?”

Nan Zhuo thought for a moment and said, “She was lucky to survive. It’s probably because she doesn’t have much spiritual power. The recoil didn’t have a huge impact on her. However, if she hadn’t stopped in time, her soul would’ve been shattered.”

Right then, Chen Yi roared outside the room.

He broke in without Shao Di’s permission.

“This quack may be right. Prince Zi said that he attacked for her own good.”

To Chen Yi, a man as proud as Feng Qingtian had no reason to lie.

If he wanted to deal with Gu Bailu, he wouldn’t deny it.

“Quack? What are you talking about? I’m a qualified doctor!”

Gu Bailu sniffed. “For my own good? I’ll chop his penis off someday for his own good.”

Chen Yi felt his back grow cold and decided never to piss her off.

She was bold enough to chop off a penis.

Perhaps because of the contract, Chen Yi was very confident in his little master and believed that she would get stronger.

“Although I don’t agree with this beast’s opinion of me, I think you should thank whoever stopped you. Your soul truly was on the brink of dispersion…” Nan Zhuo added.

Gu Yunjing scolded, “What are you talking about, Nan Zhuo? She was wounded precisely because of Prince Zi.”

Nan Zhuo replied, “Prince Zi indeed could’ve shattered her soul… However, the Night Lotus…”

“Are you here to treat me or not? I feel terrible. Can you give me some painkillers first?”

Why was he defending Feng Qingtian?

Should I thank him for hurting me and protecting Nan Ningxin?

Certainly not!

I’ll curse you every day to never be able to touch another woman in your life!