Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 142 - Is the Night Lotus So Horrifying?

Gu Bailu’s eyes grew sharp. “I won’t forget who caused my pain. Do you think I can ever be strong enough to kill Feng Qingtian?”

“If that’s what you want, I’ll try my best to satisfy your wish.” Gu Yunjing looked at her affectionately.

Gu Bailu blushed. “You don’t have to try so hard. Although I feel happy that you like me, there’s little I can do in return. Do you want to try passing on your affections?”

Gu Yunjing pinched her face hard, making her yell. “What are you doing?”

“It can’t be passed on. I’m stuck with you,” Gu Yunjing said casually.

Gu Bailu scratched her head. “What do you love about me?”

“Your stupidity.”

“Get lost. I’m very smart, alright?”

Fine. She had been stupid once, and had brought disaster upon her family.

“Are you not scared that my stupidity will bring doom to the Imperial Residence? I’ve sworn to fight Feng Qingtian and Nan Ningxin.”

Gu Yunjing stroked her hair. “You can do whatever you want. The Imperial Residence is scared of nothing.”

Gu Bailu nodded. “Fine, you start teaching me tomorrow. I want to be strong so that I won’t be hit every day.”

“There’s no need to rush. Your body is still weak. I’ll invite Dr. Nan to examine you.”

Gu Bailu knew that she couldn’t be hasty. She simply stared at Gu Yunjing from the bed.

She still found it hard to believe that the handsome Shao Di loved her.

Wasn’t this too dramatic?

Was the guy impressed by her personality?

Well… She didn’t believe that herself.

“Sir, Dr. Nan is here.” Bai Ling’s voice sounded from outside.

“Let him in.”

The door was opened, and a middle-aged man in a gray robe walked in. He was quite surprised. “Isn’t this your forbidden area? Why are you allowing me to come in today?”

“To have you examine her and see if there’s a way to regrow a spirit root.”

Although Gu Bailu didn’t necessarily need spiritual power, it would be better if she had it.

With spiritual power, Gu Bailu’s path toward getting strong would get easier.

Nan Zhuo glanced at Gu Bailu. She was pretty, but certainly not the most attractive beauty. Why on earth was Shao Di enchanted by her?

“The rumor is that you got yourself a female disciple. Is that true?”

“Cut the crap. Hurry up.” Shao Di stood up and gave his place to the doctor.

Gu Bailu stared at Nan Zhuo. The middle-aged man was plain and didn’t have much spiritual power, but he had to know what he was doing since Shao Di apparently respected him.

Nan Zhuo also stared at Gu Bailu, only to be stopped by Gu Yunjing. “I asked you to check her body, not her face.”

“How can I check her body without looking at her face?”

Nan Zhuo sat down and began to examine Gu Bailu.

“Who did this? Her soul was almost blown away,” Nan Zhuo said in surprise. It was a miracle that she had survived such severe wounds.

Gu Yunjing’s face changed slightly. “She touched the Night Lotus.”

“What?” Nan Zhuo immediately stood up and backed off. “You asked me to come when you knew that? The Night Lotus’s counterattack is weird. I quit.”

Gu Bailu pouted. Was the Night Lotus really so horrible?

It was just an artifact. If Feng Qingtian hadn’t gotten in her way, she could’ve destroyed it!