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“I’m told that it was the general’s first daughter, whose spirit root has been broken since birth.”

“Yesterday, she even sabotaged the wedding of the second prince and her sister.”

“Do tell me about it. I wasn’t in town yesterday.”


Gu Bailu felt that she was going to be famous, not for messing up the wedding, but because she was the first woman to have survived Prince Zi.

Somebody suddenly said, “I’m afraid that she’s in trouble.”

Barely had he made the remark when a bunch of people in black clothes broke into the inn.

Am I really in trouble? Gu Bailu looked at the young man. Then, she heard a familiar voice. “Chen, my sister made an honest mistake. Lord Han, please spare my sister. She doesn’t have spiritual power…”

“She’s so useless, yet caused the deaths of so many people. I think she better disappear. Someone, capture her.”

“Lord Han…” Gu Wanqin begged, before she said to Gu Bailu, “Sister, apologize to Lord Han now.”

Gu Bailu was stunned. What was the woman playing at this time?

Why should she apologize when she hadn’t done anything?

“Sister, what’s happening? It seems that they want to catch me. Help me block them. I didn’t do anything wrong… Also, don’t call me sister, call me Mr. Gu. Ahh. Help me, Sister! They want to catch me!”

Gu Bailu shouted in fear and moved back.

Ah Luo stopped in front of her. “Don’t be scared, my lady. I’ll take care of them.”

Then, she knocked the soldiers down one by one. The first few went rather easily, but it got more and more difficult, until Ah Luo lost her balance and fell into Gu Bailu’s arms.

“Ah Luo!” Gu Bailu hurried to check her, only to discover that she had been poisoned.

The food that Ah Luo had just eaten must’ve been poisoned. Gu Bailu glared at Gu Wanqin and Feng Xuanchen. They were too useless and poisoned Ah Luo when Gu Bailu was so outnumbered.

Feng Xuanchen shouted, “Go now! Let’s see how she can resist without her maid. I want her dead today.”

Gu Bailu took out a pill and fed it to Ah Luo. Then, she raised her head and looked at Feng Xuanchen. “Second prince, do it yourself. Don’t be a useless coward who asks other people to kill for you.”

1Feng Xuanchen was even more infuriated. Where was the obedient Gu Bailu who never raised her voice at him?

Was this woman really Gu Bailu?

“Sister, just apologize. Why bother to go to all this trouble?” Gu Wanqin persuaded sincerely.

Everybody praised the general’s third daughter as kind, gentle and considerate.

“Why should I apologize? The second prince is just useless. Didn’t you call off the wedding yesterday because you thought the same?”

Gu Wanqin’s face changed slightly. “Sister, I don’t…”

“I know, I know. Even I despise him, to say nothing of you. He doesn’t even dare fight me himself… ah…”

While Gu Bailu was speaking, an infuriated Feng Xuanchen had already swung at her with his fist.

Gu Bailu backed off and shouted, “You’re ambushing me? Right, you’re not a real man at all. I forgot.”

1“Gu Bailu, you’re asking to be killed.” Feng Xuanchen drew his sword and slashed at her. Gu Bailu hurried to evade. The sword aura chopped the table into two.

“You can’t even hit someone as trash as me. You better get your eyes checked, your eyesight is so bad.”