Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 139 - You’re Not Getting Away With This!


Gu Bailu pointed at the space between her eyebrows. “Summon Yin Neng with the contract!”

She had never summoned it before.

A polar bear appeared out of nowhere and suddenly turned into the skinny Yin Neng.

“Now you need my help? Who do you want me to fight?”

Yin Neng complained and frowned at Feng Qingtian. “It’s not him, right?”

“Why? Are you scared of him?”

Gu Bailu sniffed. “You have to go even if you’re scared. He’s my enemy today.”

“You kids are truly capricious. You were in love yesterday and you’re fighting today?”

“Who’s in love with him? He loves this woman, and I’m going to take her soul.”

“Jealousy isn’t good.”

“Cut the crap. Help me stall Feng Qingtian.”

“Tell you the truth: It’s difficult to deal with someone as tough as Feng Qingtian.”

“Just stall him as long as you can. I only need a quarter of an hour.”

“I’ll try.”

Yin Neng changed quickly into a bear and lunged at Feng Qingtian.

Feng Qingtian asked coldly, “Gu Bailu, are you sure that you want to do this?”

For him, no battles were small. His enemies all died.

He had never figured out Gu Bailu’s identity, and he didn’t want her to die so early.

However, if she was too stubborn, he wouldn’t go easy on her.

“Prince Zi, don’t ask the obvious.”

Gu Bailu stepped back and covered the Night Lotus with a rune.

Are you the Night Lotus? Let’s see who’s better today.

Gu Yunjing stood up. His face changed when he saw that Gu Bailu was truly fighting the Night Lotus.

“Be careful. Do you really think that you’re stronger than I am?”

Gu Bailu sniffed. “For some reason, I just feel that I can make it bend to my will. I don’t believe that I can’t tame an inanimate object.”

Gu Bailu had been seized by stubbornness when she saw the Night Lotus.

It was just an item. Could it really prevent her from grabbing Nan Ningxin?

Now that Nan Ningxin was vulnerable, she wouldn’t let go of the opportunity!

With no other choice, Gu Yunjing said, “I’ll enhance you with power.”

The Night Lotus knew him too well, so he couldn’t clash with it, in case it revealed certain things.

Gu Bailu gave him runes. Gu Yunjing calmly injected the power of fire into them, and they started burning.

“This is the best I can do. If you’re hurt, I won’t let you continue.” Gu Yunjing retreated gravely.

Gu Bailu nodded and chanted, “In tranquility, I hereby pray to the stars and establish the array with the soul!”

She used all her power and her expertise with the runes.

The outcome remained to be seen.

On the other side, Feng Qingtian was at an impasse with Yin Neng, when he suddenly saw Gu Bailu’s attack. His face changed and he roared, “Gu Bailu, stop!”

Feng Qingtian canceled his power and rushed over. When Gu Bailu’s runes were about to hit the Night Lotus, they were blocked by his hand.

Gu Bailu was hurled back more than ten meters.

Damn it! I was so close! Feng Qingtian, you’re not getting away with this!