Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 138 - Should She Give Up?

“What is it that you want?” Nan Ningxin looked at him and asked in confusion.

The man had the most honorable identity. Even she didn’t have the courage to speak with him often.

He could’ve led a wonderful life as the object of everyone’s admiration, but he chose a path that she didn’t understand.

However, she had to thank him for paving a brilliant way for her, allowing her to approach her love and be appreciated by him.

She had thought that he was on her side, until now.

Things seemed to have changed since Gu Bailu showed up.

“Whatever you did to Gu Bailu will be the source of your regrets.”

Gu Yunjing gave her a cold warning and poked Nan Ningxin’s forehead. Nan Ningxin passed out reluctantly.

He cautiously eyed the Night Lotus that was glistening on her chest. It seemed to be warning the intruder.

Gu Yunjing seized the Night Lotus, and Feng Qingtian shouted, “Gu Yunjing, you’re going to kill yourself!”

Then, Gu Yunjing was unexpectedly pushed a hundred meters away by an enormous force.

Gu Bailu realized that this wasn’t good. It was true that even Gu Yunjing couldn’t touch the Night Lotus.

How could there be such a powerful artifact?

She hurried to take out a rune and cast a spell.

The rune quickly flew to the Night Lotus on Nan Ningxin’s chest.

“Freeze and suppress it!”

Gu Bailu increased her power.

It was just an inanimate item! Its power came from Nan Ningxin, who was currently vulnerable!

Don’t be scared!

Gu Bailu chanted and approached Nan Ningxin.

The mist around the Night Lotus grew denser still, and the dark light seemed to be splitting the sky into half.

Gu Bailu felt an unprecedented blow that caused her hands and her body to tremble.

Unwilling to back off, she drew a star and was about to launch it, when a giant hand grabbed her.

“Gu Bailu, I warned you that you mustn’t hurt Ningxin. Did you take my words for nothing?”

Feng Qingtian was gloomy, his face savage.

Gu Bailu knew that this would infuriate him, but she wasn’t scared.

As long as she could steal Nan Ningxin’s soul, both Feng Qingtian and Nan Ningxin would have to listen to her!

One could never win anything without taking risks.

She quickly smashed the star at Feng Qingtian. “Damn your warning. I wouldn’t be here if I was scared of you.”

According to her guess, with the fatal wound and the Red Fire that he had suffered recently, Feng Qingtian couldn’t be as strong as he used to be, or Nan Ningxin could never have approached him.

However great his recovery ability was, his body was still weak.

She was going to try it!

Feng Qingtian dodged her star, which fell into the ripples and raised sparks.

Feng Qingtian calmed down, and a streak of light flew at Gu Bailu like a rope.

Gu Bailu moved nimbly and evaded the attack. Then, she looked at the Night Lotus anxiously.

The rune was about to be broken by the Night Lotus.

Once it was broken, she would suffer the recoil.

Should she give up?