Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 137 - Turn Her Into Bitter Meat!

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Gu Bailu was quite confident in her profession.

Whatever contract existed would dissolve in her hands.

“I might not be able to get the Night Lotus.” Gu Yunjing was gloomy.

He had just said that the Night Lotus was dangerous, and she was still asking him to do that.

She didn’t care about his life at all!

“Shao Di, are you not embarrassed that after your years of cultivation, you can’t deal with an item that doesn’t have intelligence?”

Gu Bailu didn’t believe that Shao Di couldn’t control the Night Lotus.

Since Nan Ningxin’s soul had been separated from her body, her power had to have been reduced.

“The Night Lotus is ten thousand years old…” Gu Yunjing sweated.

He really wasn’t confident.

The best artifact in the world certainly deserved its name.

“Then I’ll go! I don’t think that a necklace can be too much for me.”

She also had a necklace before, although it was just a dream.

Artifacts were only powerful when they were under control.

Nan Ningxin was dying. How capable could the Night Lotus be?

“Help me stall Feng Qingtian so that he can’t heal Nan Ningxin.”

Since they were going to sabotage this, they might as well go all out.

Gu Bailu walked toward the ripples, when Gu Yunjing suddenly stopped her. “I’ll take the Night Lotus. Stay away from it.”


Gu Bailu didn’t insist. It would be easier for her to focus on stealing Nan Ningxin’s soul this way.

Since Nan Ningxin was willing to play such a trick, Gu Bailu was going to turn the woman into bitter meat!

Gu Yunjing leapt over and launched Red Fire at Feng Qingtian.

Feng Qingtian was injecting spiritual power into the ripples. He frowned at the sudden attack and looked at Gu Yunjing. “What do you want? I’m saving Ningxin.”

When he was with Gu Bailu, the man sabotaged them, and when he was saving Ningxin as the man wanted, the man still wasn’t satisfied.

Feng Qingtian felt that he didn’t understand Gu Yunjing anymore.

“Excuse me, but someone is more important than Nan Ningxin.”

Gu Yunjing then punched again, raising the ripples around Feng Qingtian.

Gu Bailu took the opportunity to steal Nan Ningxin’s body.

Nan Ningxin, however, suddenly opened her eyes. “Gu Bailu, you want to steal my soul?”

“Hehe. Since you’re ruthless enough to torture yourself, I’ll grant you your wish.”

Nan Ningxin sounded weak but proud. “Stop wasting your time. The Night Lotus is not for you to touch.”

“Let’s give it a go first.”

Gu Bailu never believed anything was impossible until she tried it.

Everybody said that she was useless, but she had still defeated a lot of geniuses.

Everybody said that Feng Qingtian was untouchable, but she had still used him as an antidote.

She grabbed Nan Ningxin and threw her at Shao Di. “Take her and run!”

Shao Di picked up Nan Ningxin and leapt away.

Nan Ningxin asked feebly, “Shao Di, why are you doing this? You asked me to approach Qingtian. We were succeeding.”

“It’s your success, not mine.”

What he wanted was for Gu Bailu to belong to him instead of Feng Qingtian.

If Gu Bailu really hated Nan Ningxin so much, she certainly wouldn’t allow Nan Ningxin to be with Feng Qingtian.

In that case, they would only become more and more involved.

That was the last thing he wanted.