Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 135 - I Have To Sabotage It

“What about a soul burned by the magma of hell?” Such souls would be obliterated.

Gu Yunjing was surprised. Why did she know about the magma of hell?

“Theoretically, no, but someone who has spiritual power enough to destroy the world can negotiate with the Spiritual Mirror Lake, and it might be possible.”

Gu Yunjing reined in his surprise and asked, “How do you know about the magma of hell?”

Gu Bailu shrugged. “I always dream about burning in it, so I thought I should ask.”

Gu Yunjing clenched his fists. Why was she having such a dream?

Her memories had been wiped clean. It was impossible for her reconstituted soul to harbor past memories!

“It’s just a dream. How can you be burned by that when you have no spiritual power?”

“I think so, too.” Gu Bailu opened her hand, not particularly bothered.

It was impossible for her to be truly obliterated by the magma of hell; somebody awesome had to have protected her soul.

However, it was her parents who saved her in her dream. Were her parents so strong?

Gu Bailu smiled and continued to observe Feng Qingtian and Nan Ningxin.

Feng Qingtian put Nan Ningxin in the vortex, and her body started to circle along with the ripples.

Feng Qingtian stretched out his hands, and they glowed with a green light which painted the ripples in different shades of color.

“Very impressive.” Gu Bailu had to admit that the gap between her and Feng Qingtian was too huge.

In order to get stronger, she had to learn what her opponents were capable of.

“Do you think that’s impressive? You’ll be as good as him if you study,” Gu Yunjing said.

Gu Bailu’s eyes glittered. “Really? I can be that good, too?”

“You can even control Yin Neng. Do you really not know how strong you are?” Gu Yunjing was rendered speechless.

The girl was very proud and confident in battle, but when her confidence did disappear, she wasn’t sure of herself at all, even though her enemies always ended up much worse off than her.

“About that… that was just luck,” Gu Bailu said modestly.

If Yin Neng hadn’t needed to deal with Ye Jinchen back then, she probably wouldn’t have been able to use the enhancement rune on him.

If he wasn’t so scared of returning to Ice Mist Peak, he wouldn’t have agreed to be contracted, either.

She had only taken advantage of Yin Neng’s desperation.

“Right, after Nan Ningxin recovers, will Feng Qingtian be able to touch her?” That was what Gu Bailu was most concerned about.

“I’m not sure. After all, Prince Zi can be baffling.”

Prince Zi’s spiritual power was too strong; if someone he hated approached him, he would blow them away subconsciously.

So, the only possible time to approach him was when his spiritual power had scattered.

Gu Yunjing hadn’t expected his attack to hit its target, because Prince Zi had always been strong.

However, when Gu Bailu tried to escape, Prince Zi took the hit from the Red Fire by accident.

With Prince Zi’s spiritual power scattered, Nan Ningxin was smart enough to play her trick on him.

“I won’t let that happen.” Gu Bailu was ambitious.

The more Nan Ningxin wanted something, the more she would ruin it.

Sorrow flashed across Gu Yunjing’s face. “Are you really going to stop it just because of your history with Nan Ningxin?”