Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 134 - Spiritual Mirror Lake

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“To watch the drama. I want to see how good she is.”

Gu Yunjing’s eyes were cold. “Are you in love with Prince Zi and not happy to see him with another woman?”

Gu Bailu smiled. “I don’t deny that I don’t feel good about no longer being unique, but I definitely don’t love him. I’m just going to enjoy the drama.”

Gu Yunjing didn’t let go of her. “You can’t go. The disciples of Cloud Mirror Academy aren’t allowed to leave the campus without permission.”

Gu Bailu approached him. “Shao Di, aren’t you curious at all? If things work out between Feng Qingtian and Nan Ningxin, you won’t stand a chance.”

Didn’t he like Feng Qingtian? Why wasn’t he nervous at all?

If she were him, she would definitely follow and sabotage them.

“What chance do I want? You just want to ruin it, don’t you?”

“Hehe, I don’t want Nan Ningxin to die, but I don’t want things to go her way, either. So, I have to follow them. If you don’t release me, then…” Gu Bailu jumped off.

Gu Yunjing asked, “Then what?”

“Then I’ll escape!” Gu Bailu threw out the teleportation rune and jumped into the portal.

She had reached Feng Qingtian when she used the rune in the woods.

So, Feng Qingtian must’ve placed a trick on the runes to ensure that she would reach him every time.

However, it was a great tool now for tracking him down.

In the blink of an eye, Gu Bailu found herself on an island that was surrounded by boundless water.

The surging waves and the dark clouds indicated an oncoming tsunami.

The island was covered entirely in sand, and there wasn’t a single tree.

Gu Bailu watched Feng Qingtian carry Nan Ningxin to the center of the island.

Gu Bailu was about to follow them, when somebody stopped her.

She pouted. “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t come?”

“I’m worried about you,” Gu Yunjing said solemnly.

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Fine. Let’s just say you’re worried about me.”

“I’m truly worried about you. What’s wrong with your head?” Gu Yunjing touched her head.

Did she really not think of him as a man?

Gu Yunjing was quite upset about that. How could he make her realize that he was a man?

Should he act tough like Feng Qingtian?

That wouldn’t do. Although Gu Bailu had slept with Feng Qingtian, she didn’t seem to care about Feng Qingtian at all.

“Thank you for your concern, Shao Di. Follow me.”

But she was stopped again. “Don’t go. You won’t be able to stand the field of spiritual power there.”

Gu Bailu thought for a moment. Feng Qingtian must be too busy treating Nan Ningxin to do anything else to her.

Nan Ningxin couldn’t consummate their relationship in her current condition, either.

So, Gu Bailu might as well wait for a while.

“I won’t approach them. I’ll just watch them from a distance.”

Gu Yunjing finally allowed her to draw closer, as long as she was behind him.

Very soon, they saw a giant swirl of ripples in the sand, as if there was a vortex in the middle of the desert.

The ripples weren’t moving fast, but they were astonishing.

“What’s this?” Gu Bailu finally had someone she could ask.

She knew too little of this world, and there were too many mysterious things.

“It’s the Spiritual Mirror Lake, which can protect any soul,” Gu Yunjing said.