Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 133 - Even She Was Fooled

“I said I would be fine. Why did you take off the Night Lotus?” Feng Qingtian roared, his face full of fury.

His emotions were in extreme turmoil.

Was Nan Ningxin going to die?

“It’s fine, as long as you’re okay. I’m… alright.” Nan Ningxin seemed too weak to even breathe now.

“Will she die?” Gu Bailu asked Gu Yunjing anxiously.

She wanted Nan Ningxin to die, but not yet.

“If nobody helps her, she will. Her soul is embedded in the Night Lotus. By taking off the Night Lotus, she took off her soul.”

“What’s the Night Lotus?” Gu Bailu asked in confusion.

“It’s an artifact that is contracted to the soul. It can bear any harm dealt to the person wearing it. It’s the most precious life-saving artifact in the world.”

“So, even if I want Nan Ningxin to die, I can’t kill her at all.”

“Yes. That’s why Prince Zi only watched the fight between you and Nan Ningxin in the Murong family’s house.”

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. That explained a lot.

Prince Zi was merely enjoying the drama.

He wasn’t scared that Nan Ningxin would be killed or hurt at all.

“Was it Prince Zi who gave her the Night Lotus?”

“Yes. It’s the only Night Lotus in the world.”

Gu Bailu was at a loss after hearing that.

Why did Nan Ningxin frame the Gu family when she had such a powerful background?

Why did she do all that?

No, Nan Ningxin couldn’t die until Gu Bailu figured it out.

Gu Bailu asked Shao Di anxiously, “Is there any way to protect her soul?”

Gu Yunjing raised an eyebrow. “You don’t want her to die?”

“I do, very much, but it’s not time yet,” Gu Bailu said straighforwardly.

Only when Nan Ningxin was alive could Gu Bailu investigate the dark force behind her and where her parents’ souls had ended up.

“You don’t have to worry. Prince Zi won’t watch her die.”

Gu Bailu looked at Feng Qingtian, who was hugging Nan Ningxin in grief and remorse.

Gu Bailu shouted, “Feng Qingtian, why aren’t you doing anything? Stop grieving!”

As if he had been woken up, Feng Qingtian picked up Nan Ningxin and suddenly disappeared.

Gu Bailu followed them. “Chen Yi, go after them.”

She had to make sure that Nan Ningxin didn’t die.

Gu Yunjing grabbed her. “What are you doing? Prince Zi won’t allow anything to happen to her. His scattered spiritual power will recover soon.”

Gu Bailu looked at him. “Are you saying that Feng Qingtian won’t die even if your Red Fire hit him?”

So, Nan Ningxin was just playing a trick by torturing herself?

“It was indeed dangerous, but he’s Prince Zi, and he has the best ability to recover.”

If it were anybody else, they would be dead for sure.

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. Fine. Nan Ningxin’s trick had worked quite well.

Even she had been fooled!

However, she still needed to see for herself how much Feng Qingtian cherished Nan Ningxin and how successful her trick was.

Gu Bailu was quite stubborn about that.

She wanted to find out how absurd this world was.

“I’m going to take a look.” Gu Bailu sat on Chen Yi.

Gu Yunjing stopped her again. “Nan Ningxin won’t die. Why do you still want to see them?”