Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 131 - What’s Going On?

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Feng Qingtian turned around and left the woods.

Gu Bailu rubbed her hands. Fine. I should be punished for being late.

Although she didn’t have her bracelet with her, she could capture souls without it after leveling up.

Gu Bailu walked deep into the woods. She found the environment intimidating.

She looked around, only to see many ferocious eyes.

Gu Bailu hurried to draw a rune, and a glittering star immediately appeared.

“Explode…” The star hit the monsters in the depths of the woods.

Immediately, countless behemoths swept through the woods like an overwhelming flood.

Gu Bailu calmly cast a spell, and the star passed through the monsters.

The monsters immediately fell to the ground with loud thumps.

It wasn’t until then that Gu Bailu realized that these beasts were as huge as rhinos and had skins as thick as crocodiles.

Their faces were even more hideous than those of toads.

Gu Bailu went to collect their souls. She was quite familiar with this job. The souls of beasts and humans were essentially the same.

However, it still took her the whole afternoon to collect a hundred of them.

She stored all the souls she collected. She was about to head back, when an enormous shadow lunged at her.

Gu Bailu looked back and was stunned. The beast was too enormous for her to dodge.

She touched the teleportation runes she was carrying.

This was a good opportunity to test if they were useful.

Without any hesitation, she threw out a teleportation rune. After a flash, Gu Bailu found herself on a bed.

She hurriedly sat up. Feng Qingtian was staring at her coldly from under her. “Have you completed your task?”

Gu Bailu was dazed for a long time. Her destination had been the dormitory.

How on earth had she wound up on Feng Qingtian’s bed?

“Why am I here?” Gu Bailu was befuddled.

Feng Qingtian rolled her over. “It’s getting late. Let’s continue from where we left off last night.”

“I’ll be damned if I continue that with you.” Gu Bailu cursed furiously.

“Do it with me, or die. Choose now.”

“I choose neither one!” Gu Bailu smacked his temples.

Feng Qingtian gripped her. “Don’t struggle. You can’t beat me.”

Suddenly, the door shattered, and a fireball hurtled toward Feng Qingtian.

“If she can’t, there’s still me.”

Gu Bailu got to her feet while Feng Qingtian was dodging, and was about to run to Gu Yunjing.

Feng Qingtian, however, suddenly stopped dodging and wrapped her in his arms. The fireball hit him dead on.

Gu Bailu clearly heard him cry out in pain.

“Qingtian!” somebody exclaimed as they stopped a meter away. “Why didn’t you avoid that?”

Feng Qingtian frowned. “Why are you here?”

Gu Bailu looked over. It was indeed Nan Ningxin, who was clutching her chest as if she was hurt.

“Why can’t I be here? What are you doing in Cloud Mirror Academy? What do you want?” Nan Ningxin asked Feng Qingtian painfully without looking at Gu Bailu.

Feng Qingtian let go of Gu Bailu and was about to speak, when he suddenly vomited blood.

Gu Bailu seized the opportunity to sneak over to Gu Yunjing.

After all, Feng Qingtian couldn’t die so easily.

Nan Ningxin rushed over and hugged him. “Qingtian, are you okay?”

Gu Bailu was stunned. What was that about?