Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 129 - Are You Really a Teacher?

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“As you wish. Don’t worry, I’ll keep a close eye on her.”

Gu Bailu finally left with Bu Yaolian.

Bu Yaolian was quite nervous, but she couldn’t run fast because she was overweight.

Gu Bailu had mixed feelings. “Such a beautiful woman doesn’t deserve this.”

Bu Yaolian was breathing hard. “She must’ve met a scoundrel. She doesn’t look like a bad woman.”

“I didn’t know you could tell something like that from her face.”

“My dad taught me. He only does business with those who have agreeable faces. My dad says that wickedness is always reflected on the face.”

“What does your family do?”

“We’re in business. I’ve been traveling with my father since I was a kid and I’ve seen all sorts of people.” She chuckled. “I’ve eaten a lot, too.”

“Where have you been?”

“Rising Clouds Empire and Heavenly Wind Empire. I’ve visited the Empyrean Land, too.”

“What’s the Empyrean Land?” Gu Bailu had never heard of it.

“It’s the headquarters of the Nether Land. It’s a beautiful but creepy place.”

Gu Bailu’s eyes bulged. “Nether Land? Did you see the Nether King?”

Bu Yaolian shook her head. “No. Except for his subordinates, few living people have ever seen the Nether King. I would rather not see him.”

The Nether Land was indeed the most mysterious of all forces.

Unlike the two Shaos, who had shown up before Gu Bailu without any sense of mystery at all.

In the end, the two of them were still late.

There wasn’t any sound from the classroom at all.

“Is class canceled?”

Gu Bailu reached the window and looked in through the gap. All the disciples were sitting straight and at full attention.

What was going on?

Gu Bailu looked at the front, only to be shocked.

It was the persistent Feng Qingtian. Was he really a teacher here?

Gu Bailu touched her bottom. The spanking yesterday still hurt.

She made up her mind. If he was going to spank her again in front of so many people, she would fight him.

Gu Bailu gritted her teeth and opened the door. “Sorry we’re late. We’ll accept any punishment except perverted ones.”

Feng Qingtian simply gazed at her coldly.

He didn’t say anything, but it was hard to breathe.

Bu Yaolian, hiding behind Gu Bailu, trembled before Feng Qingtian.

The unbelievably handsome man was full of thorns.

Her idol was truly bold to speak to such a man in such a way.

Gu Bailu dragged her inside to sit in some empty spots.

The most embarrassing thing was that her seat was at the very front before the teacher!

Bu Yaolian sat behind her, her head lowered as she looked at the desk.

Feng Qingtian simply stared at Gu Bailu coldly. The other disciples didn’t dare to even breathe out loud or look at him.

“Well… Should we start our class, sir?”

Gu Bailu was actually quite scared, too.

“Come here,” Feng Qingtian said briefly.

Gu Bailu sweated. Was she going to be spanked again?

Gritting her teeth, she stood up. Bu Yaolian secretly pulled her sleeve. “Don’t go. You’ll be beaten up.”

“Don’t worry about me.” Gu Bailu walked over fearlessly.