Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 128 - A Beautiful Woman

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Gu Bailu sat down gravely and examined her.

Dear lord, was this person pregnant?

The woman was slim and was wearing a loose dress. Her face was covered by her hair.

It was hard to tell that she was pregnant.

Clearly, she wasn’t in good shape.

Gu Bailu immediately said, “Ah Luo, stop anyone from approaching.”

This was the sign of a miscarriage. If she didn’t do anything, the child was doomed.

Gu Bailu lifted the woman’s hair and was stunned. What a beautiful girl!

Her eyelashes were as thick as feathers, and her skin was as fair as snow.

She was like a delicate peach blossom, beautiful and gorgeous.

Her lips twitched softly, as if she was crying out for sympathy.

Gu Bailu softened her voice. “My lady, do you know that you’re pregnant?”

Gu Bailu knew that she wasn’t really unconscious.

There was no reply.

Gu Bailu asked again, “Whether or not you knew before, I’m telling you that you’re pregnant. Now, your child is in danger. Do you want to save it?

Gu Bailu thought she would try to save the baby even if the woman didn’t respond.

“Help me,” the woman said gently, sounding like a comfortable breeze.

Her voice carried a tiny bit of fear, which made people reluctant to speak too loudly.

“Alright.” Gu Bailu took out her needles and stuck them in the woman’s fingers and belly.

Since coming to this world, she had been thanking her master constantly for teaching her so many things.

She had complained about the acupuncture arts because they were too difficult and boring.

Now, she realized that everything that she had picked up might come in handy one day.

Bu Yaolian blocked them from view anxiously. They were about to be late for the afternoon class. Their teacher would definitely punish them.

They probably wouldn’t get any supper.

Ah Luo stood up ahead, intimidating the disciples who wanted a look.

The disciples didn’t dare clash with Ah Luo. Also, they were all busy as they headed for class. Nobody recognized who the woman who fell was.

They simply whispered to each other on the way, discussing how the garbage whom Shao Di was protecting might’ve killed someone.

Gu Bailu stabilized the woman with needles and picked her up. “You need to get some rest on a bed for now. Don’t exhaust yourself in the coming days.”

During the procedure, she had realized that the woman had a lot of calluses on her palms, suggesting that she did hard labor.

The woman thanked her softly without saying much else.

She simply touched her belly with her feeble hands, her eyes full of sorrow.

Gu Bailu carried her to her own room.

Since the woman was a disciple of the academy, she couldn’t be married. Pregnancy before marriage was bad in this era.

The woman rested obediently on the bed as Gu Bailu had instructed.

Gu Bailu washed her hands and asked Ah Luo to clean the woman up.

Bu Yaolian dragged her out the door anxiously. “Well… We’re already late. Let’s get to class. The punishment can be terrifying.”

Gu Bailu nodded. “Ah Luo, stay and watch over her. If she wants to leave, let her leave, but if she doesn’t, make sure that no one looks for trouble with her.”