So, she subconsciously disliked what Gu Bailu disliked.

“Let’s have food.”

Gu Bailu divided the food into three parts.

Gu Wanqin reluctantly sat next to the desk and was about to pick up one part.

However, Gu Bailu took it away. “Fetch your own food. This is for Chen Yi.”

Gu Wanqin put the food on the floor, and Chen Yi feasted on it.

Gu Wanqin’s face changed color. “Sister, what’s the meaning of this? Even an animal is better than me?”

“It is. If you can’t stand it, just go back. Nobody wants you here,” Gu Bailu said.

Gu Wanqin held herself back and calmed down.

Her mother had said that as long as any teacher regarded her appreciatively in this place, she would become an actual disciple of Cloud Mirror Academy.

Gu Wanqin wanted to lie on her bed, only to find that it was empty.

“Where’s my stuff?” Gu Wanqin couldn’t help but ask in a shrill voice.

Ah Luo pushed her away and said innocently, “This is my lady’s bed. Go away. You’re not allowed to come here.”

Gu Bailu simply focused on the food and let Ah Luo deal with her.

Bu Yaolian ate her meat quietly. It had been quite a few days since she had any meat.

Gu Wanqin searched for a while and eventually found her luggage outside the window. She was more than infuriated. “Sister, this is too outrageous!”

“I’ve shown you enough mercy by allowing you to yell at me,” Gu Bailu responded lazily.

Bu Yaolian looked at Gu Bailu even more admiringly.

How intimidating!

If she could make such a bold statement one day, she would die without regrets!

Gu Wanqin stomped out in a fury.

Ah Luo pouted. “My lady, it’s finally quiet now. She’s so hideous, nothing like what she used to pretend to be.”

“Eat. I need to take a bath and get some sleep.”

There was a section in the room where they could bathe.

Ah Luo fetched hot water for Gu Bailu, and probably used more violence than words to obtain it.

Soon, someone brought her bedding.

“Dou Ye asked me to send this to you. How nice. Shao Di, Dou Ye and even Prince Zi all like you.” The maid left after leaving a jealous remark.

Ah Luo wanted to beat her up, but Gu Bailu stopped her.

“Just let them talk. Only the mediocre suffer jealousy.”

Gu Bailu slept until Bu Yaolian woke her up.

“Get up now. It’s time for class. Our teacher said that we’ll be punished if we’re late.”

Drowsy, Gu Bailu was dragged to class.

Many other disciples were running to class. Gu Bailu accidentally bumped into one of them.

After that bump, the woman fell down and couldn’t get up.

Gu Bailu was immediately wide awake. “Is this some sort of scam?”

It wasn’t a powerful collision. She couldn’t have killed someone just by bumping into them.

“My lady, she’s bleeding,” Ah Luo said in surprise.

She had never seen such a fragile person before.

Gu Bailu looked at the person. There was truly an astounding amount of blood below her.