Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 126 - She’s Not Here to Enjoy Life

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How fortunate of her to have such a strong sister.

“You have the food first…” Gu Bailu patted Bu Yaolian’s arm and stood up, before she threw a bag on her bed out the window.

“Ah Luo, throw everything out.”

She loved an independent sister the most.

It shouldn’t be a problem for her to live outdoors.

“As you wish, my lady.” Ah Luo quickly threw everything on the bed out the window.

Gu Bailu smiled in satisfaction and sat on the bed. “The bed is rather hard, but it’ll do.”

She certainly didn’t want to wreck her mood by sleeping on the same bed with Gu Wanqin.

She had brought the woman here to disgust her, not to entertain her.

Right then, Gu Wanqin came in with a lunch box. She was wearing an attractive dress.

“Why are you here, Sister?” Gu Wanqin smiled warmly.

Gu Bailu raised her eyebrow. “What’s taking so long? Bring me the food. I’m starving.”

Gu Wanqin’s face twisted for a second. She regretted the fact that her sister hadn’t been killed by the disciples of Cloud Mirror Academy.

“We have food!” Ah Luo opened the lunch box in Gu Wanqin’s hand quickly.

There was fish, meat and even dessert. The food in Cloud Mirror Academy seemed good.

“Wow, you got a lot of food. I only got this after fighting for a long time.” Bu Yaolian was very envious.

Gu Wanqin smiled. “The disciples of the academy were friendly. They gave this to me.”

Bu Yaolian sat down gloomily. “Of course they’re nice to you. You’re beautiful and have immense spiritual power.”

Gu Bailu poured half of the food in the box onto her plate.

“Eat now. You don’t need to worry. She’s my servant. Just ask her to run your errands in the future.”

Gu Wanqin’s face changed. What was she talking about? She wanted the fatty to boss her around, too?

Bu Yaolian’s eyes sparkled. “Really? She’s your servant? I thought she was your sister.”

“Her mother was my mother’s maid until she climbed into my father’s bed. She’s my sister in name, but she’s actually just a servant. So, feel free to use her.”

Bu Yaolian glanced at Gu Wanqin and asked fearfully, “Is that really okay?”

That woman was already a level ten.

In today’s class, the teacher had told them that they had to cultivate twenty levels in order to reach the Master level. Then, there was Grandmaster, Sword Elder, Sword Saint, and so on.

Level ten was already half a Master. That was quite amazing.

“If she doesn’t listen to you, I’ll kick her out of here.” Gu Bailu made it clear.

Bu Yaolian nodded. She realized that Gu Bailu didn’t like her sister at all.

The sister was nothing more than a servant.

Bu Yaolian idolized Gu Bailu, because she had defeated so many disciples of the academy despite not having any spiritual power.

Different from the other garbage, Bu Yaolian had a great dream since childhood, which was to become a great expert and honor her family!