Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 125 - I Need to Honor My Ancestors

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The stele before every row indicated a class number.

Gu Bailu didn’t need to think to know that her class was at the end.

Even though Shao Di had personally let them in, they were garbage, after all, and couldn’t have more privileges than the geniuses did.

Gu Bailu reached the last row and finally found the Class Gui that she was in.

The units were actually pink.

Shao Di seemed to be truly biased toward the losers.

He had given them her favorite color.

There were names on the doors of the separate units.

The material they were made from was quite sophisticated, implying that the units had been carefully designed and built.

Gu Bailu noticed that there were four names on most of the doors.

“My lady, your name is here!” Ah Luo shouted, still holding the dragon meat.

Gu Bailu checked the unit. It was no different than any other unit, except that there were only two names on the door: herself and one Bu Yaolian.

“My lady, your bed is occupied!”

Ah Luo complained after opening the door.

Gu Bailu walked in. It was a simple room, with a desk and two beds. The area in the middle was empty.

There were blooming flowers on the balcony.

Both beds had stuff on them.

Gu Bailu frowned. Her bed was supposed to be empty.

Gu Bailu backed out and checked the door plate again. It was indeed her room.

Did somebody claim her bed because they thought she wasn’t coming?

While Gu Bailu was feeling confused, a meatball rushed in. “I went through all the trouble to get meat…”

The person threw the plate on the desk, and was then stunned. “You… you’re the promising garbage!”

Gu Bailu hurriedly back away. There was danger up ahead.

“I’ve been waiting for you! You are indeed my roommate!” The meatball sprinted into Gu Bailu’s arms.

Before the girl could express her excitement, Ah Luo had already kicked her into the wall.

“How dare you attack my lady? I’ll kill you!” Ah Luo popped a large piece of meat into her mouth and slid a finger across her throat.

“Ah Luo, don’t blame her. I’m just so lovable that she couldn’t control herself.”

Bu Yaolian struggled to get back to her feet. “It was just a greeting. Why did you hit me?”

Gu Bailu helped her sit up. “Well, Ah Luo is a little violent. Don’t worry; normally, she won’t kill anyone unless I order it.”

Bu Yaolian looked at Ah Luo fearfully. “Don’t beat me up. I… I need to learn good skills and honor my ancestors.”

“Nothing will happen as long as you’re obedient.” Gu Bailu didn’t want to be mean to her.

However, she really couldn’t accept the girl’s tendency to hug people.

She wasn’t a handsome man after all…

No! Even if a handsome man like Shao Di were to hug her every time they met, she wouldn’t agree to it!

“I’ll definitely be good. Teach me your abilities.” Miss Bu Yaolian seemed obedient.

“Our teachers will teach us abilities. Right, who took my bed?”

Bu Yaolian said, “She said that she was your sister.”

Gu Bailu immediately understood that it was Gu Wanqin.

She and Ah Luo had been in trouble, and that woman was utterly unaffected by it.