When Gu Bailu returned to campus, she once again met Dou Ye, the young guide, at the campus entrance.

Dou Ye smiled cutely. “Senior Sister, are you here for class? It’s lunch break.”

“Dou Ye, bring me to the dormitories.”

Gu Bailu touched his head and gave him a piece of meat from Ah Luo’s plate.

Dou Ye blinked and smelled the meat. “Senior Sister, what’s this meat? It smells great.”

“My lady, you’re giving my dragon meat to a random kid.” Ah Luo was upset.

It had been years since she last had any dragon meat, and yet her lady was giving it away.

Her lady didn’t like her anymore!

“Ah Luo, you have plenty of meat; it’s fine to give him a piece. We must be generous.” Gu Bailu loved Ah Luo, but didn’t want to spoil her.

“You haven’t had any yourself, my lady.”

“Dra- dragon meat?” Stunned, Dou Ye took the dragon meat.

He only knew dragons from the legends. Was this really dragon meat?

“Alright. Bring me to the dormitory area.”

Dou Ye was confused. “Aren’t you living with Shao Di, Senior Sister? Why are you moving to the dorms?”

“It’s a long story.” Gu Bailu sighed helplessly.

Who could’ve foreseen that Shao Di was abnormal?

He was a gay, and yet he had to prove that he was a man.

In any case, she couldn’t allow a gay to take advantage of her.

Dou Ye nodded. “Please follow me, Senior Sister.”

Dou Ye led the way while holding the dragon meat with both hands. Gu Bailu felt exhausted on his behalf.

“Just eat it. It’s just a piece of meat, it’s not treasure.”

Dou Ye shook his head hard. “No, no… I’ll give the meat to Uncle Principal. He is suffering from heavy wounds. The dragon meat will help him recover.”

Gu Bailu pouted. Wasn’t the school principal that Ye Jinchen?

He looked fair and handsome, but he didn’t seem very capable.

As the head of Cloud Mirror Academy, he was crushed by Chen Yi.

But Shao Di had punished him?

His severe wounds were more likely to have been caused by Chen Yi.

Then, Dou Ye asked concernedly, “Are you angry with me, Senior Sister? That day, Uncle Principal…”

Uncle Principal had almost killed Senior Sister.

And enraged, Shao Di had punished Uncle Principal.

Unbothered, Gu Bailu replied, “It’s already yours. You can do whatever you want with it. Dou Ye, you’re bribing the principal at such a young age. What a promising kid.”

“Uncle Principal is very nice to me. He picked me up when I was abandoned.”

Gu Bailu coughed. She shouldn’t have thought such a dark thing about an innocent child.

“Sorry, I was wrong.” Gu Bailu apologized to him.

Dou Ye grinned. “As long as you won’t be upset, I’ll give it to Uncle Principal.”

Gu Bailu nodded her head.

“Senior Sister, this is the dormitory area. I’ll ask for quilts to be delivered to you later.”

Dou Ye bowed respectfully and disappeared with the dragon meat.

He looked young, but his cultivation was certainly good.

The dormitories were better than Gu Bailu imagined.

The dormitory area was large. It comprised rows of units that were in different colors.

The unit colors weren’t from paint, but from the wood itself.

They were certainly lovely.