Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 123 - The Way To Dash Her Hopes

Why is your face now dark, and now red?

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. Was he into Ah Luo?

That was no good. Ah Luo was too simple-minded for such a monster.

“You know that Ah Luo views things differently. I’ll explain it to her and make sure that she knows you’re a man.”

Gu Bailu felt that it was necessary to lower her head under somebody else’s roof.

It didn’t feel good to be caught in the middle of a bath.

Her body curves might not be as enticing as Nan Ningxin’s, but they were still attractive enough.

You can’t treat me like this, even if you’re gay.

“You told her that I’m a woman!” Gu Yunjing grew angry again when he thought about that.

He had done so much, but Gu Bailu didn’t treat him as a man. Was it all for nothing?

“That’s not true! Ah Luo doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’ll correct her immediately!”

Even if he was a gay, he was still a man.

“Gu Bailu, I’m a real man. Just feel it,” Gu Yunjing said, before plastering himself to her.

Scared, Gu Bailu stuck a rune on Gu Yunjing.

Not expecting her reaction, Gu Yunjing froze. He said angrily, “Gu Yunjing, unfreeze me!”

Gu Bailu ran out in her wet clothes. “Shao Di, just calm down. I know you’re a man. I never doubted that…”

Damn. All the handsome men here were truly devious.

They were constantly trying to prove that they were in good working order.

What was that about? Was Shao Di deranged because he had been lonely for too long?

“Ah Luo, let’s go now. Chen Yi, take us to the academy’s dormitory.”

She couldn’t stay in this place any longer!

Chen Yi ran up, and Ah Luo grabbed a plate of dragon meat and jumped nimbly onto the bear before pulling Gu Bailu up.

When Gu Yunjing dissolved the rune and ran out, he saw a bear carrying the two of them away.

“Shao Di, should we pursue them?” Bai Ling approached him.

“That’s unnecessary. Yin Neng is contracted to her, and it’ll be difficult to catch her. In any case, she can’t escape the academy.”

Gu Yunjing reflected on what he had done so far.

He had done everything he should. He treated her nicely and fairly.

But it wasn’t as effective as Feng Qingtian’s unreasonable actions.

Feng Qingtian had always been a doer, but Gu Yunjing cared too much about Gu Bailu’s feelings and feared that she would hate him.

“Am I too late again?”

A beautiful shadow flashed out. “No, there’s no need to worry. Let Nan Ningxin go. She has to accomplish her mission.”

“I don’t think Nan Ningxin has the ability to do so…”

He would’ve let Feng Qingtian and Nan Ningxin make a baby if it were possible. Then, he would have nothing to worry about.

However, Feng Qingtian had never cooperated.

Fake goods couldn’t compare with the real deal, after all.

“I have a way to make Miss Gu give up completely on Prince Zi. Even if they discover the truth later, they won’t be together.”

Gu Yunjing sat up straight, his eyes glowing. “What’s your solution?”

However, his eyes then grew dark. “Will she be in danger?”

“Only when she gets hurt will she really change her mind. You mustn’t be soft at this moment, Shao Di. Take a page out of Prince Zi’s book about being ruthless.”

Gu Yunjing narrowed his eyes. “Tell me about it. What’s your solution?”