Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 122 - Are You Interested in My Ah Luo?

Gu Bailu said, “Why don’t you put on some clothes? Have you used any balm? Isn’t your medicine very good? Do you need me to rub it on you?”

For her glutton Ah Luo, she didn’t mind letting go of her self-respect.

“No medicine works on injuries caused by dragons. I can use my spiritual power to recover. But it’s fine, as long as you like the meat.”

Gu Yunjing pulled his clothes back on and sat down. “Keep your distance from Prince Zi in the future. If you want to dual cultivate, do it with me.”

Gu Bailu was stunned. “Huh? Don’t you want to dual cultivate with Prince Zi? How would I dare do it with you?”

“He’s too arrogant to do it with me.” Gu Yunjing sighed, disappointment flashing across his face.

Gu Bailu was of a mind to tack on for him: “Even Qingqing refuses to dual cultivate with me. How lonely my life is.”

Gu Bailu coughed. “There are so many people in this world; there are definitely other people better than he is. Don’t be reckless.”

Gu Yunjing glanced at her and frowned. “You better clean yourself up. You look horrible.”

Gu Bailu was still wearing Feng Qingtian’s black robe. Although it was made of a fancy, luxurious material, it was too big for her.

Gu Bailu blushed and remembered that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

She turned around and fled.

Gu Yunjing sighed and looked at Ah Luo, who was enjoying her food. “What do you think about your lady dual cultivating with me?”

Ah Luo raised her head and looked at him. “That won’t work. My lady likes men who are good-looking and have great figures.”

“Why? Am I not one of them?” Gu Yunjing pulled a long face.

Ah Luo shook her head. “You’re a woman!”

Gu Yunjing suddenly stood up. “Did your lady tell you that?”

“Yes. My lady says that you like Prince Zi, and that a woman lives in your heart.” Ah Luo worked hard to betray her lady.

Gu Bailu was just about to take a warm bath, when she suddenly sneezed and fell into the bathtub.

Damn it. Who was cursing her?

She was about to stand up, when the door opened and somebody flew toward her. “Gu Bailu, you said that I’m a woman?”

Gu Bailu wiped her face and looked down at herself.

She was completely wet, but thankfully, she hadn’t taken off her robe yet.

“Are you crazy? You’re definitely a man.” Gu Bailu felt that it would be better for her to move out. It wasn’t even safe to take a bath here.

Shao Di was also quite an unpredictable man.

He got her into Cloud Mirror Academy to teach her for no good reason.

She wasn’t an idiot. The man wouldn’t have taken her in to teach her if there weren’t any benefits involved.

It wasn’t as if he had suddenly become interested in caring for the underprivileged at 150 years old.

Also, he got her dragon meat, because her Ah Luo liked it?

Was he interested in Ah Luo?

Gu Bailu shook her head. It was hard to guess what Shao Di was thinking. Better to just leave it alone.

“Why did you tell Ah Luo that I’m a woman? She despises me now.” Gu Yunjing’s face was as black as coal. Then, he blushed when he realized that Gu Bailu’s figure was accentuated by the utterly wet clothes.