Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 120 - I Will Dual Cultivate With Her

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Gu Yunjing chuckled. “Prince Zi, do you not know the rules of Cloud Mirror Academy? Romantic relationships aren’t allowed here.”

Feng Qingtian glanced at him. “Is that why you got her into Cloud Mirror Academy?”

Sharpness flashed in Gu Yunjing’s eyes before it quickly disappeared.

Gu Yunjing was certainly a devoted educator. There had to be another reason why he was so concerned about Gu Bailu.

Gu Bailu was a useless woman without a spirit root. Her only advantage was her pretty face.

“It’s best for disciples to cultivate when they aren’t affected by personal feelings. That’s a tradition.” Gu Yunjing was solemn.

Feng Qingtian sneered. “I’m here to teach. Did I say anything about personal feelings? I’m going to dual cultivate with her.”

Then, he dragged Gu Bailu out of the back of the house where she was eavesdropping. “Are you done peeing?”

“No, it’s my time of the month. I need to clean up. I’ll be on my way.” Gu Bailu ran off, not intending to get involved in the two men’s quarrel.

Feng Qingtian caught her quickly. “We did it last night. That’s a lousy excuse.”

Gu Bailu blushed. Could he not talk about it all the time?

She shouldn’t have given him the chance at all. It would be better if he had died!

“Leave me alone. Who’s going to dual cultivate with you? I don’t have any spiritual power.” Gu Bailu kicked at his manhood.

Feng Qingtian was about to dodge, when Gu Yunjing flashed close and dragged Gu Bailu to his side.

“Let go of her. She refused you, didn’t she?” Gu Yunjing pounced on Feng Qingtian. “If you want to dual cultivate, Prince Zi, just come to me. We’re a better match.”

He rubbed Feng Qingtian’s waist in fascination as he spoke.

Gu Bailu got goosebumps all over her body. Shao Di, thank you for doing so much to save your disciple.

Feng Qingtian gazed at his hand, and white smoke suddenly rose from his body.

Gu Yunjing cried out in pain and blew on his scorched hand. “Am I worse than her? What can you get by dual cultivating with her? Only I can turn you into a deity.”

“Get lost,” Feng Qingtian said shortly.

Gu Yunjing looked at Gu Bailu pitifully. “Are you going to steal him from me?”

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. “No… Absolutely not. You two make things right. I’ll check up on Ah Luo.”

Gu Yunjing immediately gestured subtly at the maids, and they came forward and surrounded Gu Bailu.

Feng Qingtian frowned. He hated women the most!

But Gu Yunjing was always around a lot of women.

Also, those women all had immense spiritual power. Feng Qingtian couldn’t kill them easily.

Thus, he had always kept his distance from them.

“Bring Gu Bailu back.”

Gu Bailu stuck her tongue out at Feng Qingtian and waved her hand. “Prince Zi, see you never.”

Feng Qingtian sniffed and clenched his fists.

He allowed the maids to take Gu Bailu away.

He was going to punish her for sticking her tongue out at him.

It wasn’t time to keep her here yet.

“Gu Yunjing, I don’t know what you’re after, but if I discover that you’ve been lying, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”