“Past life? You have a past life?” Feng Qingtian’s face changed.

Why couldn’t he see her past life?

“Of course. With my skills, I can see my past life. After I activate the Heavenly Eye, I’ll be able to see even yours.”

“Is that so?” Feng Qingtian responded casually.

“Hey, are you alright? Stop if you’re not. You’ll be too humiliated to meet your fellow ghosts if you die in the middle of sex.”

The renowned Prince Zi eventually died on a woman.

She felt embarrassed for him.

“You’re saying that I can’t do it? Anyone else can say that, but not you.”

Feng Qingtian meant to press forward again to prove himself, but he suddenly collapsed.

Gu Bailu was lost for words. “Feng Qingtian, damn you!”

He had indeed stopped halfway.

You shouldn’t do it if you can’t; that would’ve been better for the both of us!

She hurried to move him aside and examine him. Thankfully, he was still breathing.

He was certainly one of the most astounding rapists.

Gu Bailu got up and was about to look for herbs, only to be pulled back by a giant hand. “Gu Bailu, you’re not allowed to ignore me until I get bored first.”

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes and kicked his hand away. “Why should I listen to you?”

Gu Bailu covered herself with Feng Qingtian’s cape and got out of the pit to look for useful herbs.

She then rubbed the herbs on the wound.

Looking at Feng Qingtian, who was still slightly conscious, she said gravely, “I’m going to take the hairpin out. If you die, that’s your fate.”

The hairpin was deep in his heart. Anybody else would be dead already.

Feng Qingtian was certainly extraordinary to be able to survive for so long with a hairpin stuck in his heart.

She didn’t know what to say about this rabid dog who seemed to have abstained from women for too long.

“Why are you saving me?” Feng Qingtian asked thoughtfully.

“I hate you, but that’s not enough reason for me to kill you.”

Besides, she was a reasonable person.

When all was said and done, she was the one at fault here.

It was all because she had accidentally provoked him and made him feel for a woman.

She didn’t mean to become a mistress, yet she had somehow ended up as one.

But she would never admit it!

Most of the hairpin was already deep in his chest.

Gu Bailu was lost for words again. It was hard to imagine the man raping her in such a situation…

Fine, she had been intimidated by his determination, or she wouldn’t have allowed him to have it.

Gu Bailu gripped the hairpin and pulled it out. Blood sprayed on her face.

She hurried to block the wound. “How do you feel? Will you survive? If you don’t, you’ll be the greatest joke in the world.”

She probably would be famous, too, until she was killed by Prince Zi’s subordinates.

“I’ll be fine,” Feng Qingtian said firmly.

He didn’t sound weak at all.

“That’s fine. Hey, see, I saved you in this situation. Why don’t you cut me some slack?”

Gu Bailu ripped his clothes for bandages and negotiated with him.

“That’s not possible, Gu Bailu, not after you saved me.”

He was thinking that he would kill Gu Bailu if she left him alone, so that the disaster would be removed for good.

He didn’t expect her to save him.

He thought that she would rather he die sooner.

So, her heart wasn’t as hard as it appeared.

“Are you saying that it was a mistake to save you?” Gu Bailu suddenly tightened the bandage, making Feng Qingtian frown in pain.