Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 112 - Let’s See How Shameless He Can Be

Feng Qingtian’s hands stopped before he touched her breasts. He gave her an intense look. “You want to pay it off with one-time sex?”

“You can do it however many times you want. I’m all yours tonight.”

Fine. You’re honorable, you were a precious virgin, and you were used as a cure twice. I’ll give you interest.

“However, after tonight, I don’t owe you anything.”

Feng Qingtian smiled and bit her breasts. “It’s not up to you.”

Gu Bailu tried to push him away, and sat on top of him. “It’s actually up to me. Let’s settle everything tonight. Tell me. How many times do you want to do it?”

Feng Qingtian untied her belt and reached in. “Like I said, until I’m disgusted.”

Gu Bailu gritted her teeth. “Fine. Let’s do it.”

She didn’t believe that he could still be okay after a dozen times.

Without spiritual power, he would be exhausted.

All in all, she had thought it through. Everything would end tonight.

Since she owed him, she would pay him back.

Feng Qingtian dragged her closer. His face was covered in ice. “Are you so desperate to get rid of me?”

“We may run into each other in the future, but it won’t involve anything physical.”

“You’re the only woman I can touch so far.”

Gu Bailu frowned. “I trust that Prince Zi will control your base urges for the sake of your love.”

“Do you believe that? You think I want to react like this?” Feng Qingtian moved her on his body.

Sensitive, Gu Bailu shivered.

Feng Qingtian was definitely harder than ever at that moment.

“I want you even in my dreams. You have to tell me the reason.”

Gu Bailu replied calmly, “You’ve always been celibate. It’s only natural that you would be fascinated by this new feeling. I said that you’ll get bored if you do it a lot.”

“Then, you’ll do it with me until I’m bored.”

“No, only tonight. Tonight, until you’re bored.”

She couldn’t fall for his wordplay.

If he had enough tonight but remembered her again later, did she have to sleep with him again?

Her foe’s man was her foe.

She couldn’t kill him because she didn’t have the ability to.

If they were sexually involved, it would only disgust her.

Feng Qingtian suddenly seized her lips and pinned her to the wall. “It’s not up to you.”

Gu Bailu’s brain emptied at the powerful scent of a man.

Also, she didn’t quite understand the situation. Could one become bored of having sex with the same person?

Probably. Why else would so many married people have extramarital affairs?

“We haven’t reached a deal yet. Don’t touch me.” Gu Bailu grabbed his hair and said coldly, “I don’t want to be a tool that you can unleash your libido on.”

She wasn’t going to pay this debt for the rest of her life.

Feng Qingtian stared at her thoughtfully. “You’re destined to become a tool. Give me your terms.”

“Hehe… And you’ll agree to all of them?”

She was rather curious to know how shameless Feng Qingtian could be in order to satisfy his desire.