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In fact, she should be the one who felt dirty.

Feng Qingtian didn’t listen to her. He moved her hand and moaned.

Gu Bailu’s forehead burned. She clenched the thing tightly.

I’m going to crush your balls!

Feng Qingtian roared, “Gu Bailu, let go!”

“When I told you to let go, you didn’t, so I won’t now. Let’s see if you can still be a scoundrel without your penis.”

“Are you sure?” Feng Qingtian sounded dangerous and aggressive.

Gu Bailu hesitated. She knew what Feng Qingtian was capable of.

He blew away so many experts easily.

Shao Di seemed to be wary of him, too.

Although his spiritual power was sealed, he might have more tricks up his sleeve.

It was better to be cautious.

Release it!

Gu Bailu quickly loosened her grip. “I’ve already let go of you. Aren’t you going to let me go?”

Feng Qingtian suddenly pulled her out of the pit, before holding her in his arms and sitting inside himself.

The pit was only one meter deep. It was cramped after he got in.

Gu Bailu took out a needle to prick him, only to be evaded. Feng Qingtian grabbed her hands and pressed her down.

“I intended to let you go, but you delivered yourself to me. You have to put out the fire you started.”

“Put out, my ass.” Gu Bailu kicked him.

The place was too small for Feng Qingtian to dodge it. He simply let her kick him.

“I wouldn’t mind if you want to do it with your feet.” He tossed her shoes out of the pit.

He grabbed her feet, and his body pressed tightly against hers. He raised her legs and squeezed in between them.

“Go away!” Gu Bailu shouted angrily.

“When you forced yourself on me, I told you to go away. Did you listen?”

Gu Bailu gnashed her teeth. “Like I said, it was an accident. I didn’t want to get drugged.”

“What about the second time? You begged me to have you,” Feng Qingtian said and kissed her neck.

“That’s because you’re the only one I’m familiar with.”

“I think we can be more familiar.”

“Stop fooling around. We don’t have any protection here. If I get pregnant, your Ningxin will cry herself to death.”

Although it was one way of getting back at Nan Ningxin, Gu Bailu would never use such a sordid approach.

Feng Qingtian bit her lip. “Just relax. You won’t get pregnant.”

Feng Qingtian tore her clothes apart. “It’s high time you took these off.”

Her wet clothes had already frozen stiff because of the lower temperature.

Gu Bailu took a deep breath. “I’ve said that I’m not willing to do this, and you’re still forcing me?”

Feng Qingtian kissed her earlobe without saying anything.

“Fine. I raped you last time, and you’ll rape me this time. Let’s call it even. I won’t waste my time on treating your misogyny.”

She never wanted to cure that in the first place, because Nan Ningxin would get to be together with him.

Gu Bailu lay there, resigned to her fate. Recalling their positions during their first time, she felt that lying down was truly unsatisfactory.

They had done it twice, after all. Nothing needed to be said anymore.

“What do you mean?” Feng Qingtian asked next to her ear.

“Come on. Let’s wipe the slate clean after this sex.”