Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 110 - Is This Really an Appropriate Way to Warm Up?

Feng Qingtian felt that he would go crazy if he couldn’t figure it out.

On one side was the love of his former life whom he wanted to be together with at any cost; on the other side was a woman who made him lose control of himself.

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. “It was just a hallucination. My body was hot, so I felt like I was burning. Is there a problem?”

“It’s a serious problem. Just think: Why was it the magma of hell that was burning you and not anything else?”

“How would I know? Maybe I read too many novels.”

Gu Bailu had no interest in sharing her dream with him.

She stuck a needle in the back of Feng Qingtian’s hand, and it immediately became numb.

Gu Bailu hurried to push him away. “Just stay there. You’re no match for me in this place.”

Her primitive acupuncture arts were finally of use.

Feng Qingtian frowned. The woman didn’t seem to be lying. Was it really a hallucination?

But why couldn’t he see Gu Bailu’s former self?

Thinking for a moment, Feng Qingtian threw himself into the lake.

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. “Prince Zi, there’s no need to kill yourself. It’s not humiliating to be defeated by me.”

She shouted at the lake and continued digging.

After more than an hour, she finally dug out a hole one meter deep that was big enough for her to fit inside.

She then plucked a lot of grass and threw them into the pit.

Feng Qingtian still hadn’t returned. She took a look at the lake. It was utterly peaceful. Gu Bailu tossed a pebble into it. “Hey, you haven’t drowned, have you? Don’t mess around when you don’t have spiritual power.”

Still there wasn’t any sound from the lake. Gu Bailu always worked at night, so she was no stranger to the dark.

Had something happened to him?

The powerful Prince Zi drowned in a lake?

Who would believe that?

“Stay there if you want. I’m almost frozen. I have no time for you.” Gu Bailu jumped into the pit and buried herself in the grass.

It was much warmer, and there wasn’t any wind.

If only the pit opening could be covered.

Gu Bailu was thinking this, when something covered the opening.

Gu Bailu reached upward, only to touch supple flesh.

She groped her way down, and the muscles felt great.

Eight abs?

“Prince Zi?”

Gu Bailu was stunned. The guy was sleeping over the pit, with his face turned down, no less.

She was about to take her hand back, when the guy above suddenly moved. She then felt a burning stick.

Gu Bailu blushed. “You’re a scoundrel, Prince Zi!”

The guy above her didn’t say anything. A hand snaked in and grabbed hers.

“It’ll keep you warm.”

The temperature restored some of the feeling in Gu Bailu’s cold hand.

But was it really appropriate to warm her hand with that?

Are you treating me as a woman or not?

No, even a man shouldn’t warm himself up in such a way.

“Let go of me!”

As a woman of integrity, I would rather die before I warm myself with this thing.

“Your hands are going to break off from the cold, and you’re still acting tough?” Feng Qingtian’s voice had a lethal charm in the darkness.

“They won’t break. Let go of me!”

Gu Bailu already felt as if her hand was burning. She had just finished digging the pit; wasn’t Prince Zi scared that his thing would get dirty?