Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 108 - Dig a Hole and Bury You

Gu Bailu calmed down. She knew that Feng Qingtian wasn’t a man who exaggerated.

If he forbade her from lighting a fire, there had to be a reason for it.

Also, even Feng Qingtian couldn’t get out of this place. It couldn’t be simple.

Gu Bailu took out her teleportation rune and tried drawing a portal, only to discover that it didn’t work.

Was it nullified here?

Just now, Feng Qingtian’s blow had seemed weak, too.

What could she do? Without spiritual power, she wouldn’t be able to resist the cold, and would probably freeze overnight.

She wasn’t carrying the bracelet, and she had nowhere to hide.

“I’ll freeze without a fire.”

Gu Bailu paced back and forth. How could she keep warm?

The skills she learned in the modern era were of no use. There was nothing here except a lake and a meadow.

Should she dig a pit?

Exercise could warm her up, too.

Gu Bailu immediately searched for tools to dig a pit with, but didn’t find anything other than pebbles in the meadow.

So, she simply rolled up her sleeves and started digging with her hands.

Feng Qingtian watched her mutter to herself instead of throwing a tantrum at him, and found it odd.

“What are you doing?”

Gu Bailu replied without raising her head, “I’m digging a hole to bury you.”

Feng Qingtian was amused. “Is that the best you can do?”

“Don’t think that I didn’t notice that your spiritual power is suppressed right now. You might lose if we fight barehanded. It’s only because I’m in the middle of something that I’m not beating you up right now.”

In terms of fists and feet, Gu Bailu believed that she was faster than Feng Qingtian.

After her parents passed away, she trained in a boxing club for half a year.

But she didn’t know until she came to this world that what mattered here was spiritual power. She could never be as fast as spiritual power.

Feng Qingtian walked over and watched her squat and dig like a disobedient little mouse.

“What, exactly, are you doing? Don’t touch me with your dirty hands.”

“Who’s touching you? Can’t you see that I’m digging?”

Feng Qingtian raised his head and looked at the horizon. The feeble light was about to be replaced by darkness.

Everything would go back to the original point.

No spiritual power and no other demonic arts; only the most primitive abilities could be used.

This place could turn anyone ordinary, and rip apart all disguises.

He would’ve panicked if he was with anybody else, since he would be losing all his power, which was what he was most reliant on.

But he wasn’t uneasy at all when he was with Gu Bailu, even though the silly woman was digging a hole to bury him.

The feeling was so familiar that he felt that they had once trusted each other with their lives.

But the Night Lotus wasn’t on her. She wasn’t the one.

As for the one who did have the Night Lotus, he didn’t want to touch her at all.

What happened during the years when time was disrupted?

Had his feelings changed because he turned into a human, or had things not developed according to the course he had set beforehand?

Feng Qingtian stood there quietly. Even though it was completely dark, Gu Bailu could sense him next to her.

He was like a tall and straight tree.

Gu Bailu sped up her digging. At the very least, the hole had to be big enough for her to fit inside.

She couldn’t freeze here.

At this moment, even Feng Qingtian couldn’t protect her from the cold.

Her fingernails were chipped and her hands were numb. Gu Bailu frowned. It was still better than freezing.