Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 107 - You Are Seriously Asking For a Beating

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“Why are you looking for trouble with Ningxin? It’s understandable that she hates you, but why do you hate her?”

That was what Feng Qingtian was most suspicious of.

Logically speaking, Nan Ningxin and Gu Bailu had no grudges against each other.

Even though Murong Lanyi asked Gu Bailu to drive Nan Ningxin out of the Murong family, it was only a contract.

It didn’t make sense for her to hate Nan Ningxin so wholeheartedly?

Back in the Murong family’s house, he had seen Gu Bailu try her best to kill Nan Ningxin.

She did have a chance to do so, but she didn’t do it in the end.

Gu Bailu shook off his hand and declared indignantly, “Nan Ningxin murdered Murong Lanyi and is trying to take over the Murong family. She’ll destroy them. Of course I hate her. This is just justice!”

She didn’t want to see the Gu family tragedy repeated.

That was her own reason. The other reason was that she had accepted the contract with the ghost.

Feng Qingtian slapped her forehead. “For justice? I won’t allow you to hurt Ningxin.”

Gu Bailu sniffed. “Why should I care whether I have your permission or not? You can’t tell me what to do.”

Ultimately, all that mattered was ability. This world was very fair in that aspect.

Feng Qingtian felt the urge to beat her up. The girl was truly callous.

She was probably the only person who showed him no respect at all.

It was a miracle that she was still alive.

He couldn’t quite figure out why he could tolerate her.

Was it really because of the so-called magnetic field?

“Don’t take my warning for nothing.”

Gu Bailu gave him a fake smile. “Of course I won’t, not when you’re powerful enough to sneak into Cloud Mirror Academy, Prince Zi.”

Where exactly was Shao Di?

It has been so long since your disciple was kidnapped. Why are you still not here?

He seemed quite reliable, but why didn’t he act like his usual self when it came to Feng Qingtian?

It was truly impossible to understand gays.

“It’s good that you know.” Feng Qingtian suddenly had a sense of helplessness. Why couldn’t he do anything about this woman?

Looking at her breasts, he would love to try her again, if not for the unsuitable environment.

“It’s getting dark. Let’s go back,” Gu Bailu said fawningly.

“Back to where?” Feng Qingtian’s eyes became dark.

“You to your place and me to mine…”

Feng Qingtian’s eyes turned icy. Gu Bailu hurried to say, “Wherever you want to go.”

A sensible girl should know when to bend.

“It’s impossible to get out. We’ll have to wait for sunrise.”


“Even such a cool and awesome man like you can’t get out of here?”

“Do you know what this place is?”

Gu Bailu shook her head. “This place is too beautiful to be hell.”

Feng Qingtian raised an eyebrow. “You know what hell looks like?”

“Of course I do. It’s where ugly people gather. I’m told that each ghost there is uglier than the last.”

“Nonsense.’ Feng Qingtian shoved her and walked away angrily

Gu Bailu punched his shadow. I would’ve kicked your ass if I could defeat you.

Gu Bailu gripped her arms. Why was the night here so cold, as if it were a desert?

Since she couldn’t return, she needed to prevent herself from freezing.

In the remaining light, she found a lot of horse feces and was about to light a fire.

Feng Qingtian sent a wind that blew her stuff away.

Gu Bailu picked up a pebble and threw it at him. “Do you know that you’re seriously asking for a beating?”

“Don’t start a fire unless you want to die.”