Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 104 - You’re As Fat As a Pig

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Gu Bailu struggled and yelled, “Where are you taking me?”

“To the classroom.”

“The classroom is right here. Where are you going?”

Gu Bailu’s instincts told her that there was an abnormal, dangerous air around Feng Qingtian.

Besides, he was a man who thought with his lower half. What if he was taking her somewhere remote to rape her?

Although they had slept with each other before, she hadn’t had a choice back then.

After finding out that he was in love with Nan Ningxin, she didn’t want anything to do with him.

“It isn’t convenient here.”

Feng Qingtian dragged her away forcefully. Gu Bailu was about to call for Chen Yi, when she found herself in a green meadow in the next second.

Little colorful flowers blossomed everywhere on the boundless plain.

The sky was blue, and a gentle breeze blew.

There wasn’t a soul in the meadow. A big lake lay up ahead.

The lake was peaceful and as clear as a mirror.

Reflecting the blue sky, the lake was intoxicating.

“What is this place? It’s so beautiful.” Gu Bailu let go of Feng Qingtian’s hand and ran through the meadow.

The quiet, beautiful place looked like a paradise.

She forgot all her worries in life.

It had been a long time since she enjoyed being so carefree.

Gu Bailu ran through the meadow in delight and jumped into the lake in the end.

Feng Qingtian shouted anxiously, “Gu Bailu, don’t go in!”

It was already too late. Gu Bailu was too excited to listen to him.

The water was so blue that she just wanted to swim in it.

Now that she was here, she wanted to enjoy herself for a moment.

She was going to forget everything and seize the brief pleasure.

Feng Qingtian’s face changed and he also jumped into the lake. He reached Gu Bailu and pulled her upward.

“Why do you have the guts to jump into anything?”

Feng Qingtian dragged her out of the water and reprimanded her.

Gu Bailu wiped her face and stuck her tongue out at him. “How can such a peaceful lake be dangerous? I’m a good swimmer.”

Feng Qingtian slapped her on her forehead. “Can you use your brain? Why do you think this place is devoid of life?”

“Is there something in the water?”

She couldn’t believe that such a beautiful and peaceful thing was evil and hideous.

“It’s nothing. Just get out.”

Feng Qingtian dragged her to shore. Gu Bailu suddenly felt her head spin and her body burn.

The feeling was all too familiar.

“Feng Qingtian! What’s in this water?”

Feng Qingtian tossed her down and looked at her.

The sun shone above him, making him look extremely gorgeous.

He was truly a monster. Even though he was in full black, he still looked like a gem.

He eclipsed even the sun.

Gu Bailu shook her head. She felt as if Feng Qingtian had grown two wings. His pretty face was also blurry, and his head was changing all the time: now red, now blue, now black.

Damn it. Did the water cause hallucinations?

“Gu Bailu, what do you see?” Feng Qingtian asked coldly.

“I see that your head is now a cow’s, now a horse’s and now a snake’s, and you’re as fat as a pig. I didn’t know you were so ugly.”