Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 102 - Everybody Is Born For Something

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He didn’t need to approach them to know that his magnetic field rejected them. They were annoying.

They weren’t half as attractive as Gu Bailu.

The girls had never seen such a gorgeous and powerful man, and they were reluctant to leave.

However, what happened to the fat girl made them shut up without resistance.

They were utterly listless, as if they had given up on life.

The surprise that they had felt when they saw a handsome guy was natural.

In Gu Bailu’s previous life, even the crippled enjoyed respect and dignity.

They just didn’t have spiritual power. Why did they have to live such downtrodden lives?

“Stop. Do you know why Shao Di summoned you here?” Gu Bailu stopped them.

The girls were confused. Who knew what Shao Di was up to?

They had merely been informed to attend Cloud Mirror Academy as disciples.

However, they knew that they were more toys than disciples; it was possible that Shao Di had felt that they had such a use in his boredom.

“We’re here to study so that we won’t be bullied easily. Are you really willing to let other people stomp on you?” asked Gu Bailu solemnly.

However, these girls clearly weren’t convinced.

“Isn’t that nonsense? Even our parents don’t want us. How can we not be bullied?”

“Only those who are incapable will be bullied. Spiritual power is not the only way out. Look at me. I don’t have a spirit root, no more than you do, but you must’ve heard that none of the disciples of Cloud Mirror Academy won against me.”

The girls chuckled. “You’re different from us. You even have access to Snow Goddess Fruit.”

Hm… How do they know I have access to Snow Goddess Fruit?

Gu Bailu was at a loss.

“The disciples of the academy all know that you gave a Snow Goddess Fruit as a gift to the boy who guided you.”

The fat girl crawled over to Gu Bailu and looked up at her in admiration, not daring to touch her anymore.

“About that…” Gu Bailu was about to explain, when somebody said coldly, “Is Snow Goddess Fruit a big deal? I can dig up the tree for you if you want.”

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. What are you doing here, exactly?

“Look, even this unbelievably gorgeous lord is willing to dig up a Snow Goddess Tree for me. Do you know why?”

“Why?” The girls were young, after all. How could they not be curious?

“Because my magnetic field is attuned to his. Of all the women in this world, I’m the only one who can approach him. So, he has to come to me if he wants to have children. Look, we are all good for something, right?”

Gu Bailu persuaded them.

She didn’t want to be the only hardworking student in her class, or it would be a disaster if Shao Di disbanded the class in dissatisfaction.

“What is a magnetic field, exactly?”

The girl asked the key point!

“A magnetic field is something you’re born with. Humans are born with spiritual power, magnetic fields, and many other imperceivable things. Spiritual power is only part of it. Just because we don’t have such an ability doesn’t mean that we’re useless.”