Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Evil Prince, Come Play With Me



Sunset, 洛日


Gu Bailu has transmigrated. She was in Dubai one second ago, but the next thing she knew, she finds herself in a deep, dark forest. To make things worse, her body has been poisoned and s*x is the only antidote. Thinking that she will die in the middle of nowhere, she somehow runs into a handsome guy who’s semi-conscious. Eager to rescue herself, Gu Bailu lies him down, not realizing that he is Prince Zi, a powerful and brutal man who has killed every woman that had approached him. Her life is saved, but she can’t get away from him…


1.chapter 1
2.chapter 2
3.chapter 3
4.chapter 4
5.chapter 5
6.chapter 6
7.chapter 7
8.chapter 8
9.chapter 9
10.chapter 10
11.chapter 11
12.chapter 12
13.chapter 13
14.chapter 14
15.chapter 15
16.chapter 16
17.chapter 17
18.chapter 18
19.chapter 19
20.chapter 20
21.chapter 21
22.chapter 22
23.chapter 23
24.chapter 24
25.chapter 25
26.chapter 26
27.chapter 27
28.chapter 28
29.chapter 29
30.chapter 30
31.chapter 31
32.chapter 32
33.chapter 33
34.chapter 34
35.chapter 35
36.chapter 36
37.chapter 37
38.chapter 38
39.chapter 39
40.chapter 40
41.chapter 41
42.chapter 42
43.chapter 43
44.chapter 44
45.chapter 45
46.chapter 46
47.chapter 47
48.chapter 48
49.chapter 49
50.chapter 50
51.chapter 51
52.chapter 52
53.chapter 53
54.chapter 54
55.chapter 55
56.chapter 56
57.chapter 57
58.chapter 58
59.chapter 59
60.chapter 60
61.chapter 61
62.chapter 62
63.chapter 63
64.chapter 64
65.chapter 65
66.chapter 66
67.chapter 67
68.chapter 68 bite my ass
69.chapter 69 children remember enemies best
70.chapter 70 i can make you disappear any time
71.chapter 71 the overpriced tea stand
72.chapter 72 free fruit
73.chapter 73 traps
74.chapter 74 strange ugly man
75.chapter 75 yin neng
76.chapter 76 trial
77.chapter 77 no chance of survival
78.chapter 78 the savior man in black
79.chapter 79 life obliteration
80.chapter 80 battle of ice and fire
81.chapter 81 shamelessness is strength
82.chapter 82 who allowed you to hurt her
83.chapter 83 how do you want to deal with them
84.chapter 84 her teacher
85.chapter 85 ive seen everything
86.chapter 86 you fell in love with somebody else
87.chapter 87 competition between two men
88.chapter 88 i regret it now
89.chapter 89 good guys are drawn to the wrong girls
90.chapter 90 real desire
91.chapter 91 she loves pretty men
92.chapter 92 ugly resistance
93.chapter 93 contracted chen yi
94.chapter 94 dragon blood tree
95.chapter 95 gu yunjing did something good
96.chapter 96 youre late senior sister
97.chapter 97 this is a fake teacher
98.chapter 98 is that how teachers punish students
99.chapter 99 do we know each other
100.chapter 100 what a horrible man
101.chapter 101 get those idiots out of here
102.chapter 102 everybody is born for something
103.chapter 103 let me teach you a good lesson
104.chapter 104 youre as fat as a pig
105.chapter 105 destroy a thousand year old soul
106.chapter 106 exactly who are you
107.chapter 107 you are seriously asking for a beating
108.chapter 108 dig a hole and bury you
109.chapter 109 until im disgusted
110.chapter 110 is this really an appropriate way to warm up
111.chapter 111 forget the past
112.chapter 112 lets see how shameless he can be
113.chapter 113 youll die for sure
114.chapter 114 lets focus on business
115.chapter 115 a romantic ghost
116.chapter 116 you are so horny
117.chapter 117 rumors will fly
118.chapter 118 and you say you dont like her
119.chapter 119 i have to pee
120.chapter 120 i will dual cultivate with her
121.chapter 121 i spent a lot of time on it
122.chapter 122 are you interested in my ah luo
123.chapter 123 the way to dash her hopes
124.chapter 124 promising kid
125.chapter 125 i need to honor my ancestors
126.chapter 126 shes not here to enjoy life
127.chapter 127 its a scam
128.chapter 128 a beautiful woman
129.chapter 129 are you really a teacher
130.chapter 130 punishment
131.chapter 131 whats going on
132.chapter 132 is this the night lotus
133.chapter 133 even she was fooled
134.chapter 134 spiritual mirror lake
135.chapter 135 i have to sabotage it
136.chapter 136 what do you want me to do
137.chapter 137 turn her into bitter meat
138.chapter 138 should she give up
139.chapter 139 youre not getting away with this
140.chapter 140 this is for her own good
141.chapter 141 are you sure that you love me
142.chapter 142 is the night lotus so horrifying
143.chapter 143 its for his own good that i emasculate him
144.chapter 144 i can catch them easily
145.chapter 145 ill curse you with runes
146.chapter 146 are you not the master of the night lotus
147.chapter 147 the token left by the woman
148.chapter 148 study hard
149.chapter 149 trial
150.chapter 150 how long are you going to hug me
151.chapter 151 hiding traitors from the nether land
152.chapter 152 report
153.chapter 153 here comes my support
154.chapter 154 girl can you not like me so much
155.chapter 155 soul perishing mountain
156.chapter 156 my feet hurt please carry me
157.chapter 157 you really are a nice person senior sister
158.chapter 158 party of monsters
159.chapter 159 youre here bull demon
160.chapter 160 such a spicy question
161.chapter 161 as long as i dont have to deal with it myself
162.chapter 162 lifelong partner
163.chapter 163 treating the young bull demon
164.chapter 164 i want to go home
165.chapter 165 i have a partner
166.chapter 166 face to the ground
167.chapter 167 you should announce your marriage to the world
168.chapter 168 lying is really bad
169.chapter 169 should i be a coward forever
170.chapter 170 he went easy on you
171.chapter 171 who are you marrying
172.chapter 172 my husband a beast
173.chapter 173 i cant be worse than him
174.chapter 174 are you really miyasi
175.chapter 175 does it not hurt
176.chapter 176 this beast isnt weak
177.chapter 177 ill grant you your wish if you want to die
178.chapter 178 lets negotiate
179.chapter 179 i wont allow you to die
180.chapter 180 bring him down and treat him well
181.chapter 181 i feel sorry for the spirit turning pill
182.chapter 182 treat the problem
183.chapter 183 the supreme token
184.chapter 184 sometimes dignity can be abandoned
185.chapter 185 ill wait until sunset
186.chapter 186 storm
187.chapter 187 vomit on your face
188.chapter 188 gu bailu is gone
189.chapter 189 my lord doesnt know how to swim
190.chapter 190 qin shous plan
191.chapter 191 is feng qingtian out of his mind
192.chapter 192 two monsters
193.chapter 193 master
194.chapter 194 im lulu
195.chapter 195 the heavenly palace cliff in the imperial residence is fake
196.chapter 196 one gu bailu is enough
197.chapter 197 hes my master
198.chapter 198 please me
199.chapter 199 try vomiting
200.chapter 200 i really didnt wash my feet last night
201.chapter 201 a three second prince zi
202.chapter 202 masters warning
203.chapter 203 what if shes mrs shao di
204.chapter 204 i might not return alive
205.chapter 205 the nether king is blind
206.chapter 206 the last person i want as an enemy
207.chapter 207 return
208.chapter 208
209.chapter 209
210.chapter 210
211.chapter 211
212.chapter 212
213.chapter 213
214.chapter 214
215.chapter 215
216.chapter 216
217.chapter 217
218.chapter 218
219.chapter 219
220.chapter 220
221.chapter 221
222.chapter 222
223.chapter 223
224.chapter 224
225.chapter 225
226.chapter 226
227.chapter 227
228.chapter 228
229.chapter 229
230.chapter 230
231.chapter 231
232.chapter 232
233.chapter 233
234.chapter 234
235.chapter 235
236.chapter 236
237.chapter 237
238.chapter 238
239.chapter 239
240.chapter 240
241.chapter 241
242.chapter 242
243.chapter 243
244.chapter 244
245.chapter 245
246.chapter 246
247.chapter 247
248.chapter 248
249.chapter 249
250.chapter 250
251.chapter 251
252.chapter 252
253.chapter 253
254.chapter 254
255.chapter 255
256.chapter 256
257.chapter 257
258.chapter 258
259.chapter 259
260.chapter 260
261.chapter 261
262.chapter 262
263.chapter 263
264.chapter 264
265.chapter 265
266.chapter 266
267.chapter 267
268.chapter 268
269.chapter 269
270.chapter 270
271.chapter 271
272.chapter 272
273.chapter 273
274.chapter 274
275.chapter 275
276.chapter 276
277.chapter 277
278.chapter 278
279.chapter 279
280.chapter 280
281.chapter 281
282.chapter 282
283.chapter 283
284.chapter 284
285.chapter 285
286.chapter 286
287.chapter 287
288.chapter 288
289.chapter 289
290.chapter 290
291.chapter 291
292.chapter 292
293.chapter 293
294.chapter 294
295.chapter 295
296.chapter 296
297.chapter 297
298.chapter 298
299.chapter 299
300.chapter 300
301.chapter 301
302.chapter 302
303.chapter 303
304.chapter 304
305.chapter 305
306.chapter 306
307.chapter 307
308.chapter 308
309.chapter 309
310.chapter 310
311.chapter 311
312.chapter 312
313.chapter 313
314.chapter 314
315.chapter 315
316.chapter 316
317.chapter 317
318.chapter 318
319.chapter 319
320.chapter 320
321.chapter 321
322.chapter 322 subduing the night lotus
323.chapter 323
324.chapter 324
325.chapter 325
326.chapter 326
327.chapter 327
328.chapter 328
329.chapter 329
330.chapter 330
331.chapter 331
332.chapter 332
333.chapter 333
334.chapter 334 is this dual cultivation
335.chapter 335 i had a fight with my husband
336.chapter 336 prince zi is here to propose
337.chapter 337 excited
338.chapter 338 were family
339.chapter 339 im always yours
340.chapter 340 the sooner theyre married the better
341.chapter 341 what kind of proposal is this
342.chapter 342 nan ningxin feels wronged
343.chapter 343 anything you want can be given to you
344.chapter 344 here comes the groom
345.chapter 345 345 prince zi is not the bridegroom
346.chapter 346 princess zi is not garbage
347.chapter 347 blindfolded consummation
348.chapter 348 who are you
349.chapter 349 im your rightful husband
350.chapter 350 youre running away naked
351.chapter 351 help me prince zi
352.chapter 352 adding to your woes
353.chapter 353 you set me up
354.chapter 354 ill prove my innocence
355.chapter 355 visitors from the murong family
356.chapter 356 necessary compensation
357.chapter 357 dont hurt my grandmother
358.chapter 358 suspicion
359.chapter 359 seeing off murong lanyi 1
360.chapter 360 seeing off murong lanyi 2
361.chapter 361 in the name of fairness
362.chapter 362 i owed you in my previous life
363.chapter 363 go talk to that animal
364.chapter 364 another awkward level up
365.chapter 365 give birth to a baby
366.chapter 366 end of the white lotus 1
367.chapter 367 end of the white lotus 2
368.chapter 368 end of the white lotus 3
369.chapter 369 end of the white lotus 4
370.chapter 370 end of the white lotus 5
371.chapter 371 end of the white lotus 6
372.chapter 372 the real boss
373.chapter 373 fight the boss
374.chapter 374 unmask him
375.chapter 375 its really you
376.chapter 376 just loot the rest
377.chapter 377 useless garbage
378.chapter 378 ying jue its time to take action
379.chapter 379 i promise to accomplish the mission
380.chapter 380 my master is cold
381.chapter 381 shes your enemy
382.chapter 382 ball of memories
383.chapter 383 then i wont take i
384.chapter 384 help me with your fee
385.chapter 385 ill cook for you
386.chapter 386 taking a beating
387.chapter 387 underwater palace
388.chapter 388 king of the 9999 spring harbingers
389.chapter 389 red haired specter
390.chapter 390 you have a talen
391.chapter 391 qin shou cant be the one
392.chapter 392 someone has come to the house
393.chapter 393 the excitement of exposing infidelity
394.chapter 394 ill go
395.chapter 395 midnight homecoming
396.chapter 396 the gu house is truly hers
397.chapter 397 youre still laughing
398.chapter 398 reclaim the gu house
399.chapter 399 heres when her familys skills come in handy
400.chapter 400 be my own master
401.chapter 401 prince zi takes the blame
402.chapter 402 dropping off a divorce notice with prince zi
403.chapter 403 shut ou
404.chapter 404 no man feels good after being divorced
405.chapter 405 buy jewelry with me
406.chapter 406 loyal fox
407.chapter 407 pda on her turf
408.chapter 408 her scen
409.chapter 409 the highest price for prince zis tea
410.chapter 410 wang dachong is here
411.chapter 411 i wont get married until you do
412.chapter 412 the sooner the better
413.chapter 413 a little bit upse
414.chapter 414 little fox stay away from me
415.chapter 415 i can vent my fury elsewhere
416.chapter 416 they cant take anything
417.chapter 417 do you like it
418.chapter 418 lets go back and sleep together
419.chapter 419 what if hes mocked
420.chapter 420 the lady asked me to serve you
421.chapter 421 beauty gu
422.chapter 422 the former princess zi had sex with someone else
423.chapter 423 the lord cursed
424.chapter 424 prince zis dirty trick
425.chapter 425 i cant hold back
426.chapter 426 attacking prince zis house
427.chapter 427 why did they run when they saw me
428.chapter 428 king of turtles
429.chapter 429 its great that she wants a complete breakup
430.chapter 430 youve lost your memory ball
431.chapter 431 my lady are we going to sabotage the wedding
432.chapter 432 theyre really getting married
433.chapter 433 the bride was struck
434.chapter 434 unusual natural phenomena
435.chapter 435 mean mr xiao
436.chapter 436 yan anchun isnt dead
437.chapter 437 the ghost army
438.chapter 438 i cant hold on anymore
439.chapter 439 the former princess has been captured
440.chapter 440 the archfiend
441.chapter 441 the heavenly star map
442.chapter 442 someone is here for you
443.chapter 443 we had a peaceful divorce
444.chapter 444 forced stay
445.chapter 445 pregnant
446.chapter 446 divine execution
447.chapter 447 shortcu
448.chapter 448 its too much
449.chapter 449 two gluttons
450.chapter 450 full moon
451.chapter 451 the trial is blocked
452.chapter 452 the silly girl took action
453.chapter 453 feng qingtian is half dead
454.chapter 454 the heavens changed direction without warning
455.chapter 455 you seem to want yan anchun to be hi
456.chapter 456 great actors
457.chapter 457 do you have feelings for gu yunjing
458.chapter 458 what on earth had she done
459.chapter 459 you just kidnapped me
460.chapter 460 take back what belongs to us
461.chapter 461 offered a bunch of pretty girls
462.chapter 462 the emperors bias
463.chapter 463 the second princes disconten
464.chapter 464 dragon spirit blood
465.chapter 465 to be a soul controller
466.chapter 466 failure
467.chapter 467 teasing me comes at a price
468.chapter 468 bothered in hear
469.chapter 469 unannounced female visitor
470.chapter 470 the woman with dragon spirit blood
471.chapter 471 died from a small kindness
472.chapter 472 do you have a plan
473.chapter 473 ill drink firs
474.chapter 474 do you want another cup princess
475.chapter 475 prince zi missed the grand audience
476.chapter 476 the emperor has grown bold
477.chapter 477 whats love
478.chapter 478 you dont love me enough
479.chapter 479 youre up to something
480.chapter 480 sexiest piece of garbage
481.chapter 481 rabbit spirit
482.chapter 482 other peoples memories are not hers
483.chapter 483 strength is law
484.chapter 484 im just angry
485.chapter 485 looking forward to the reactions of the experts
486.chapter 486 she wants her memories
487.chapter 487 dont be scared
488.chapter 488 toast with blood instead of wine
489.chapter 489 who is the babys father
490.chapter 490 massive blood loss
491.chapter 491 possible miscarriage
492.chapter 492 feng qingtians regre
493.chapter 493 your lady will certainly die if the baby lives
494.chapter 494 necessary coronation
495.chapter 495 threa
496.chapter 496 princess zi didnt satisfy you
497.chapter 497 do you have a small penis
498.chapter 498 somebody is changing your fate
499.chapter 499 spillover from the past life
500.chapter 500 separation
501.chapter 501 separation
502.chapter 502 back to the gu house
503.chapter 503 prince zi isnt the father of your baby
504.chapter 504 dangerous dinner
505.chapter 505 too scared to come out
506.chapter 506 stay away from me
507.chapter 507 please make things right empress dowager
508.chapter 508 arrogant
509.chapter 509 not part of the plan
510.chapter 510 five of you can come together
511.chapter 511 are you here to cause trouble
512.chapter 512 the royal palace is no fun at all
513.chapter 513 squeeze into the four families
514.chapter 514 i can fight them
515.chapter 515 missing one contestan
516.chapter 516 represent the country
517.chapter 517 an instant battle
518.chapter 518 cowards
519.chapter 519 juggling
520.chapter 520 exhausted
521.chapter 521 the man as pretty as a picture
522.chapter 522 dont tire me ou
523.chapter 523 what are you singing
524.chapter 524 using all the tricks
525.chapter 525 understanding bai yunyi
526.chapter 526 someone saved her
527.chapter 527 feng qingtians sense of reason
528.chapter 528 the bai family has los
529.chapter 529 were you abandoned
530.chapter 530 love at first sigh
531.chapter 531 do you really love her
532.chapter 532 old acquaintance nemesis
533.chapter 533 what im not a deity
534.chapter 534 flowers from mr bai
535.chapter 535 intense pursuit by the third prince of the bai family
536.chapter 536 nice chea
537.chapter 537 miraculous tea
538.chapter 538 the third prince of the bai family pays a visi
539.chapter 539 i want your gifts i dont need your feelings
540.chapter 540 make bai yunyi betray himself 1
541.chapter 541 ake bai yunyi betray himself 2
542.chapter 542 make bai yunyi betray himself 3
543.chapter 543 make bai yunyi betray himself 4
544.chapter 544 the past at heavenly palace cliff 1
545.chapter 545 the past at heavenly palace cliff 2
546.chapter 546 thats just his wishful thinking
547.chapter 547 i dont care
548.chapter 548 dont lie to me
549.chapter 549 i want to tell bai yunyi
550.chapter 550 for his heir
551.chapter 551 her value
552.chapter 552 shocking fac
553.chapter 553 one body two deaths
554.chapter 554 fiery phoenix
555.chapter 555 outcome of the tes
556.chapter 556 do you want to go back
557.chapter 557 to the crown princes residence in heavenly wind empire
558.chapter 558 seek justice for yourself
559.chapter 559 what he cares abou
560.chapter 560 hes insane
561.chapter 561 bai yunyis visit to prince zis residence
562.chapter 562 a matter to repor
563.chapter 563 anxiety attack
564.chapter 564 like a madman
565.chapter 565 i may have lost her for good
566.chapter 566 three lives capital
567.chapter 567 entering the su mansion
568.chapter 568 hes not easily impressed
569.chapter 569 the darkest days
570.chapter 570 i dont argue with vulgar people
571.chapter 571 entering the crown princes residence
572.chapter 572 lu fenying in the flesh
573.chapter 573 this is the ruthless fiend
574.chapter 574 the crown prince doesnt dare kill us
575.chapter 575 the disciple as shy as a mouse
576.chapter 576 why did he have them stay
577.chapter 577 the pregnancy cannot be discovered
578.chapter 578 slave mark
579.chapter 579 demon and executioner
580.chapter 580 place of humiliation